Jumpstart Guide 01- Jumpstart


Things to Remember
  1. Go into your childcare goals and dreams with your mind made up! Simply DECIDE that you are going to do everything in your power to be successful. "Mental strength" is a critical component and necessary trait required to be a true childcare boss.
  2. Speak over yourself with positive confessions. When you download today's cheat-sheet you are going to get the very confessions I spoke over my life that allowed me to build a successful childcare business.
  3. Enhance your surroundings by being around "successful others." Enhance your environment with the right people that will cheer you on, and always remind you to never give up on your goals and dreams.
  4. Go high or go home! Be sure to equip yourself with the right people, tools, resources and materials to help you win big!
  5. Keep going & keep believing! The moment you stop pushing & believe, everything will start to crumble and you have worked too hard to allow your business dreams to self destruct. The size of your goals do not matter. What matters is that you take small steps to get there.

Download your video brainstorm worksheet :
Use this worksheet to take notes while watching todays video lesson.
Download Worksheet
Download your JumpStart productivity worksheet :
This worksheet contains my daily confessions which I want you to recite daily.
Download Worksheet
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