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2017 Customer Loyalty Marketing Plan


In my office this week I have been very busy with staff training and making preparations for the NEW YEAR!

Andrea Dickerson Staff Quarterly Agenda Training

Andrea Dickerson Staff Quarterly Agenda Training

I know from experience that properly preparing for your new year tends to open the door for so much more to happen in your childcare business. There are two areas that I plan for diligently to properly prepare for the New Year and that’s “Marketing” for new enrollments and “Lesson Planning” for my staff curriculum.

For the new enrollments I followed my task manager marketing calendar, for December/January.


Within the marketing calendar section it says to market for Customer Loyalty/Parent Referrals and a TV contest.

My marketing for this season will include Family and Friends Fun Day! This concept is to help our parents see the value in our childcare services, build a relationship with us and to prevent them from wanting to switch to another provider. Secondly, our family and friends day will be a huge hit! It’s a very inexpensive marketing concept but it works!


Our events throughout December includes our “Family and Friend Fun Night” at the skating rink.

It’s where I rent the skating rink for my enrolled families and their guest to attend at  no cost. We also provide light refreshments PLUS hosting this type of event allows us to create a relationship beyond the 4 walls of our daycare setting.

The marketing part of the event is offering the skating rink to the public as well. With so many schools closing  a week before Christmas, I thought that using this event as a Christmas Party for School Age Children was ideal.

So there’s technically two marketing concepts going on, number 1, meeting with our current families and meeting with their guest plus attracting new children by exposing them to the fun times we have at the Rock.

Be sure to watch the video and start moving forward with your Customer Loyalty Marketing Strategy today!

Also check out the Task Managers at www.TheUltimateTaskManager.com 


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