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2016 Daycare Trends To End In 2017

Hello Childcare Boss!

So 2016 is gone and 2017 is now here! What are you going to change in order for you to have a successful business year? Well here’s my 7 Changes that I am making or have already made in my childcare business.

#1 Stop wearing the uniform scrubs: It takes away the “Teacher” look of childcare. It’s my opinion, leave yours below!

#2 No More Clip Art Logos! Today’s online designers are as cheap as $5. You no longer need to use a low grade of graphics! When you use clip art logos it tells the viewer that “branding and marketing” isn’t important or no time or money was invested into your brand.

#3 Say No To Full Color Primary Walls- Do a color wheel search and when you do, you will discover that colors effect behavior and perception. Coloring your childcare walls LOUD and BOLD colors are a trend of the past, it’s all about contemporary now. Leave your opinion below.

#4 Ditching Foam Connection Mats- You may not notice it but foam connection mats are not intended for commercial use nor for daily use. Foam mats are not intended for carpet alternatives, foam mats are temporary floor play tools that need to be put up after each use.

#5 Wacky Tacky Blah Blah Blah Summer Programs- Honestly I stopped with this type of summer program years ago! You get more clients when you have a interactive summer program than a program that doesn’t offer skills for children to learn combined with fun!

#6 Stop Using Alphabet and Number Lines as Boarder Line- Use the boarder paper and accents for it’s intended use. Stop using it for a boarder line and purchase boarder but use your alphabet and number lines to offer a print rich environment

#7 No More DIDO Sheets!- Take time to end, WEBSITE Curriculum. Be authentic and buy or design your own Curriculum. Now don’t get me wrong, website sheets are convenient but there is a better way properly prepare for your enrolled children success!

Please share your thoughts and comments! I want to know.

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