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3 Easy Ways To Accomplishing Your Task

Are you still squeezing in time to get the most important part of your childcare business organized, systemized, and manageable?

Like you, I remember those days of having to come to terms with my idea, of getting things done and thinking more like a CEO. It was more of a mindset issue for me. I wanted to get things done in my business, but I never took time to deal with my ideas and my thought process to accomplish so much more in my business.

Starting My Day With My Task Manager

Starting My Day With My Task Manager

I believe that if you’re ready to take your business to the next level that you’ll be excited to know why I created a task management system. I created a task management system because I needed a planner for accountability. It was a system that was all-in-one to help me accomplish so much more in less time. As a manager, CEO, childcare operator and owner, it’s so important for me to know what to do to save my time. My time is important, I cannot get it back. So is yours.

When I created this workbook, I thought about some standard and some advanced “must-do’s” for high achievement. I wanted to achieve above and beyond the average. For each day of the week I created strategies that must be planned out every day to help me achieve a higher level of success, and because I follow this system I have achieved so much more throughout my day. It seems like I have to do less and have more time, but I achieve more. It all came just by planning out my task and using the task management systems. My results, thus far, have been amazing.

I remember times of struggling with completing my food program paperwork and having it turned in on time. I remember times of struggling with taking time out to thoroughly complete important tasks that would help me lead my team with better clarity. I remember getting my day started, going into my office and  going into meetings, without having a real plan in place, without knowing exactly what to do.

My Coveted Go To Childcare Business Materials

My Coveted Go To Childcare Business Materials

I found myself just tossed to and fro, from one assignment to the next. It was like I allowed my day to just happen upon me instead of me planning for my day. I felt like I was successful because I still managed to get some things done, but at the end of the day my bottom line, my profits, and my increase reflected a totally different story. I wasn’t focusing in on what really mattered and what could really help me take my business to the next level.

Like you, it wasn’t that nothing was getting done. I was getting some things done, but I was struggling to fit in marketing, to fit in my meeting agenda planning, to fit in my curriculum planning and review time, to fit in my team building time, and most importantly my business development days. I was really trying to squeeze those things into my schedule, and then at the end of the day some of it did not get done. My problem came from not knowing how to get more done in my business, and how to keep my time. I was giving my time away to any and everything that came across my desk, walked in my office, or appeared that it needed my time at that moment.

One day came where I really, seriously thought about all that was going on around me and everything that I really wanted to achieve. I decided that I had to draw the line, enough was enough. It became clear to me that I needed to really make time for what really mattered, and I needed to create a system so I can focus on changing my habits and my daily focus.

Shifting My Mindset and Making The Right Investments to Change My LIFE!

Shifting My Mindset and Making The Right Investments to Change My LIFE!

One day I sat down and I thought about all of the tasks that I needed to really focus on as a CEO, all of the tasks about what major, successful people say that they were doing in their business to achieve success. I remember jotting down all of those tasks so that I can achieve the same. I remember doing research on people like Oprah Winfrey, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, just major players in the industry. I remember looking at their daily habits, their habits of success, and every single day they had a system for how they began their day, a system for what they concentrate on throughout the day, and a system for how they managed people. I believe that this is one of the most important reasons on why they were so successful. They figured out ways on how to accomplish their tasks.

The childcare industry is much the same. Not one day is the same. Every single day there’s something new that could come across your desk to keep you frazzled or to keep you busy. 


I want to give you my three easy mind-set shifts and strategies that I used right away to help me achieve this type of success in my business.


#1 Make Mental Changes And Deal With Areas Where You’re Not Consistent.

Consistency is key to success. You must implement systems and strategies that will help you maintain consistency.

I remember before I put all of this information in a workbook that I tried to retain it all in my mind, and I tried to keep it going. I could not keep it going from everything being just in my mind. I needed to create a follow-up system, a system that will give me the accountability that would take the thinking away. Once I took the thinking part away, and I followed the written system that I had in place, it allowed me to change my levels of consistency.

I became a person that had no excuse. No more excuses of “I forgot” because I didn’t have to forget, the system was already written out for me. It wasn’t that I started my day and really didn’t know what to do because I had my monthly worksheets within my task management system already created and ready for me to follow step one through the end. Now, because I was without excuse, the only excuse that I felt that I had was I didn’t make time. I had to set aside, in my mind, and come to a place of reality. If it’s going to get done, it must require that I put the work in. The same stays true with you. If you’re going to get it done, you must put the work in.

# 2 Plan on Sundays.

Let me explain to you why planning on Sundays has been one of the most thought-provoking times of my week. It is because I get a chance to think about what it is that I want to accomplish for the full week. I get a chance to go through all eight sections of my task management system and build upon each system. My task management system takes me through my editable monthly calendars. This is where I take a look at what’s going on in my business, and in my life, for the upcoming week.

Then I get a chance to create all of my marketing strategies, my meeting agenda, my curriculum planning, my team building, and newsletter ideas for the week. I complete all of this on Sundays, a little bit after family dinner and the house is calm. Nobody’s moving around, and everybody’s resting. I use this planning period to think about what it is that I want to achieve for my business that week.

Then I find a quiet place. More than likely it’s my office. My home office is such a cozy place for me. It’s a place that I keep nice, and neat, and clean, and keep all of my success props close by me. I take time and sit in my office, and I begin to visualize and plan out my week. Located within my office are my vision boards. You can find out more about it by logging on to http://www.mydreamchildcarelife.com.

Using My Task Manager To Lead Me With Training My Team

Using My Task Manager To Lead Me With Training My Team

Big Sneak Peek Into How I Plan Using My Task Manager 

I go through each section of my task management system, from my editable calendars, to my yearly marketing strategy, to my daily worksheets. My daily worksheets tell me what to do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It also tells me the information that I’ll need to retrieve for the week.

I sit down and I write out my meditation notes. I go through my notes from the previous days of information that has come to me throughout the week that I want to implement directly in my business. I sit down and I write down a week’s worth of seven get-it-done tasks.

Then I plan out my staff meeting agenda by going through my staff meeting curriculum. I sit down and I put inside of the task management system my staff meeting curriculum for the full year. I sit down and I write down my action steps. I think about my networking and marketing opportunities, where I’m going to take my fliers, where I’m going to take my postcards, who I’m going to send thank-you cards too, e-mails that I’m going to create, all ways of following up with my clients and networking and marketing on another level. Then I sit down and I plan out my big week.

Using My Meeting Agenda Helps ME Pre-Plan with the 8 Step Process

Using My Meeting Agenda Helps ME Pre-Plan with the 8 Step Process

I get so excited when I get a chance to plan out everything that I want to see happen in my business. It’s really fun to see all that you can achieve in your business by planning it out step by step. After planning out my big week, I sit and I take time to write it all out on this really huge Post It note. I write everything out so that I can see it clearly. Sometimes I even look for images that help me depict what it is that I want to achieve in my business. This is how I choose to plan on Sundays. It’s one of the best days of the week to get it all planned out and ready for what’s next.


#3 My third and final way for accomplishing your tasks is to get away from a do-it-yourself type of list.

Do-it-yourself lists are very ineffective because you don’t know exactly what areas to concentrate on. It’s just like you’re making yourself think of things to do in your business that really aren’t leading you anywhere. It’s only keeping you busy and not necessarily achieving what needs to be achieved in your life and in your business.

This is why I highly suggest that you purchase the “Done for You System,” which is the task management system that has been created specifically for childcare business owners who are ready to achieve on a higher level. When you create a system like this in your business, it will allow you to flow consistently and effectively with your parents, staff, and children. It is one of the most important tools that I recommend any childcare business ought to have for greater results.

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