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3 Step Reality Check; look at how far you’ve come.

Are you a childcare business owner that started out planning your success, and then all of a sudden you look around and you haven’t accomplished much of your goals, and you’re halfway through the year? If so, continue to read today’s blog post because it’s going to show you how to go through my personal 3 Step Reality Check process to growing your childcare business.

Today’s blog post is going to be helpful in helping you understand how to keep going in your childcare business even though times may get tough, you may get off track, and life obligations will keep you so busy to where you really find it hard to settle down to focus in on your goals. But with great caution, I URGE you to take a Reality Check!


To help you take that reality check, I want to walk you through my 3 Step process to achieving your goals in your business.

Every year around about January, you will find that so many people are setting goals for their life and for their business. Then as time goes on, life happens and you are not walking out your goal process consistently, as you should. However, I always admonish all serious entrepreneurs and childcare business owners to stop for a moment and assess their goals by having the reality check. Your reality check will help you get back on track, and we will help you celebrate if you stayed on track to achieving your goals and dreams.

The 3 Step Reality Check that I use in my personal life goes exactly like this:

Step 1. Use a weekend to visit your goal accelerator, planner or your notebook to review your goals, wherever you’ve written your goals down.

I love going through this process because around about the 6th month of the year, which is when I’ve noticed we have more four day weekends with the 4th of July, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Memorial Day. With all of these holidays that come up during the second half of the year, or close around the 6th month of the year. I like to use most of that time off and those weekends to really sit down and go through my goals, and to check out what’s going on with me achieving my goals by going through the reality check process.

Andrea Reviewing Here Goal Accelerator Program In Design Your Life Course

Andrea Reviewing Here Goal Accelerator Program In Design Your Life Course

The reality check during these particular weekends allows me look at my goals in an undisturbed moment where it’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and I can really be honest with myself and be real with myself and say, “Hey, you’ve accomplished this,” or “Hello, you haven’t accomplished this. Kick it up a bit.” Go ahead and book your solitude-weekend or book a holiday-three day weekend with yourself where you don’t have to go right back into your business on that Monday so you can truly take your time to analyze where you are and where you want to be in your business.

Andrea Going Their Her Planning Process To Visualize Her Goals For The Year

Andrea Going Their Her Planning Process To Visualize Her Goals For The Year

#2. Get around goal achievers and inspiring people.

I love the fact that whenever I show up to conferences, events or I’m engaging with my coach, I’m around successful others. Successful others are people that are achieving their goals, they are going through reality checks, and they are self-motivated. They are self-motivated because they enjoy seeing the success in their life and in their business. Every year I offer the Ignite Tour Stop for high achievers such as yourself. I give high achievers the term Childcare Boss. I’m coming to a city near you, and I’m looking for other Childcare Boss leaders who are ready to step up to the plate and say, “I’m a Childcare Boss. Andrea, show me how to take it to the next level.” When you show up to my Ignite Tour Stops, I show you how to become a top achiever, and how to create your own circle of inspiring people around you so that you can keep moving forward and stay motivated in your business.



#3 End Procrastination By Letting It Out!
Did you know that your mind and your intentions are more solid when it’s written on paper and it’s more achievable?

Another step that I suggest that you implement is to go through the process of letting it out. In my planner, the Goal Accelerator planner, I show you how to walk step by step through becoming a decision maker, getting rid of procrastination, reviewing your goals and becoming a top achiever. Part of that process is you learning how to let it out. Letting out every thought that comes across your mind as it pertains to your childcare business is so helpful because it causes you to achieve at a higher rate because you’re not holding those thoughts in your mind any longer. You’re actually moving forward in a direction of achievement.

So many childcare owners, directors, and staff, have so many things on their minds, and they can’t seem to get things done because of that. When you go through the let it out which is the process where you sit down and you write, and you write, and you write until every thought of what you want to do, what you need to do, what you have to do, and what you should do is on paper. When you go through that process of what I want, what I should, what I can’t, what I need, what I have to do, when you go through that process it helps you let it all out.

Going through the let it out process is a system that I’ve used in my life that has caused me to have a major success and clarity of mind. I remember I was struggling and having days of teary eyes because there was so much on my mind of what I needed to do, and it didn’t seem as if I had enough time or that I was moving in the direction that I needed.

My strategist spoke to me and she said, “Andrea, it’s time to let it all out.” When she told me that, months and months later I created the Goal Accelerator Planning Process to help me constantly let it out so that I’ll never walk down that road again. It has truly helped me in my business.


As a matter of fact, I’ve included several of those processes in the My New Fresh Start Program. If you’ve never taken this program, it is a game changer, and is a mindset changer. It will help you build up the confidence you need to step out and do more in your life and in your business. It will help you have a purposeful conviction that will cause you to really manage your childcare business the way you should. It will cause you to say yes to opportunities and it will cause you to step out of the box. Plus it will cause you to lead your business as a Childcare Boss.

If you’re ready to really discipline yourself to achieving your goals and dreams, and get on the beginning steps to having more, than I suggest that you sign up for the My New Fresh Start Program. With the My New Fresh Start Program, you get 10 courses of audio, video, and workbooks that will inspire you and motivate you to really get started with achieving your childcare goals and dreams. It’s specific to this industry. It’s creative from a place of wanting to make sure that you’ve got the clear path that you need to succeed. Tap into the My New Fresh Start Program right now, today. It’s worth it!


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