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3 Steps To Goal Setting Mid Year For Childcare Success

Why is goal setting midyear so important?

In my years of working in the childcare industry I’ve notice how I always create visions, and goals, and dreams for my life, for the year. When the month of June or July comes in most people, by this time, have given up on their goals, they’ve given up on their dreams, and they’re starting over again, trying to figure their way, trying to figure out what it is that they truly want to accomplish.

#1 Don’t Forget To Plan Your Goals

I believe that this only happens because you tend to forget to plan your goals, even in the middle of the year. The middle of the year is a great time to begin to assess whether or not you are on track to achieving your heart’s desire. In order for you to achieve your goals, midyear planning is a must.

Midyear planning consists of going back through your list of goals that you set, acknowledging them, determining whether or not you have achieved them, and then creating a plan to achieve what you haven’t done thus far. Also, midyear goal planning keeps you excited to keep pressing forward to the end mark. Do you really want to know the reason why most goals are not achieved? It’s because the goal writer loses momentum.

#2 Get Back On Track By Writing Your Goals Over Again

In the childcare industry, day-to-day operations can come and knock you off track. However, when you utilize a tool such as the Goal Accelerator to help you write your goals, create plans for your goals, and follow a systematic way of achieving them, you then will see that your goals are easier to obtain. 

Written goals are 50% more likely to be achieved than if it only stayed in your head. Take time to increases your chances of success today by writing no less than 10 new opportunities that you’ll want to achieve.

 The next thing that I do to help me make a shift during the midyear is I use my I-want-it-all cards. These I-want-it-all cards are my tools to help me achieve my success, by acknowledging what I really want, and confessing that I receive it and if not that, something greater is on the way for me.

#3 Stay Around Go-Get-It People

My next step to staying motivated during the midyear is by attending a conference of some sort that inspires me, that motivates me, and that keeps me geared up for the next six months. See, I own and operate my childcare business just like you every single day. That means that throughout my operations, there are times that I’m dealing with low thinking activities until I must, if I will stay successful, be around other people who are thinking on another level, desiring success, wanting success, and doing what it takes to achieve success. Then, that spark that’s on the inside of them sparks me to do what I need to do to finish my course.

Once completed, goal acceleration and goal achievement is so key to happiness. You get this overwhelming joy and overwhelming feeling of success, achievement, and that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

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