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3 Steps To Office Organization By Handling Recurring Task

When you get organized in your business you tend to become less stressed and experience more success.

You can experience success in your business by setting up systems that will help you manage the childcare business you love.

To begin setting up your basic systems , you’ll want to start with your recurring task. Recurring Task are duties that are done in your  business, over and over, at the same time, time and time again on the same day.


For instance, if you’re like me, checking my children’s file records happens weekly. Therefore, I added a standard operational procedure for my administrative team, which entails the process for checking and updating students records, in our management software and manual files. This duty is completed on Tuesday’s.

To help provide my team with accountability, I created a task management system for my recurring task. Within my task management system, every Tuesday, they are to work through a certain section of the alphabet of the child’s name to ensure all children records are current and up-to-date.  Here are a few systems that I’ve set up to help me bring order and increase to my business.


#1 Take time by setting up business development days. Business development days are designed to help you create plans to grow your business like my task management systems.

During your business development days be sure to think about what you really want to do in your business. This time of business development will cause you think about what you can do to take action in your business to cause major success. After your task management systems are created, you can use this day to verify that all staff are completing their assignments.

#2 Identify Your Time Wasters and Create A System To Prevent It
An effective time-management system isn’t about making time on your calendar to get things done; it is about making changes to the way you spend your time. Our first step
is to analyze how you actually spend your time from the moment you open or arrive at the child care business to the moment you leave. Make a list of everything that you are currently doing. If you have an assistant, ask him or her to assist you by writing down what they observe you doing as well. Small tasks such as an unexpected phone call, printing forms that should have been printed yesterday, looking for a missing report that should be on your desk, dealing with children’s behavior, and staffing issues are all tasks that keep you in a crisis mode. For most independent child care business owners, these are the tasks that drain energy and interfere with productivity. You will be shocked to learn what tasks are important but are wasting your time as well.



Childcare Office Organization requires a particular type of mindset. What I am teaching you during this email can happen easily for some but for others it’s not that simple. So to begin, I want you to work on the foundation of organization and that’s accountability.

Being accountable for your own actions by keeping a calendar of duties will help you accomplish so much more in your business.
Create a Calendar of Duties.

Creating a calendar of duties is an effective way of blocking your time to schedule your recurring tasks. It will empower you to work with fewer interruptions, focus your energies on what’s important, and stay in control of accomplishing what is needed. The first step is to create a foundation for your week. Select a task trigger for each day of the week; for example, my Mondays are accounts receivable and accounts payable days. I
focus on the financial health of my organization. After you determine your foundation, list every duty in your child care program that has to be completed by a certain date and time on the calendar. Repeat on the calendar as many times as the task needs to be completed. Review job descriptions of your staff to find tasks that require your leadership and list those duties on the calendar. Once completed, review the calendar for accuracy and discuss it with staff to be sure that everyone understands the calendar.

There’s more to creating your recurring task systems and you’ll know that if something in you says you need help getting organized and if you’re wanting more after this blog post on the subject of childcare business organization, as a matter of fact discover more now, log on to www.ChildcareAcceleration.com 

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