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3 Steps To Organizing For Your Summer Enrollment


Did you know the way you organize your childcare program has everything to do with what you have available and are capable of marketing to parents? Have you noticed how your summer program pretty much blends into your normal day-to-day where you haven’t put much thought into it? The kids that do come, show up, but it’s not really as active as you thought it could be or the kids just aren’t there. It’s not truly a summer program because you have children from ages one to three or even if you have school-age children, but I believe that a summer program is just that – a summer program. It should have a major effect on your parents and children in a positive way to let them know that they are truly in a summer program.

Andrea Playing With Her Summer Camp Children

So many childcare businesses fail to create fun times for all age groups during the summer, and they only make adjustments or accommodations for children that are in their summer program, or what we call school-age children. I believe that your summer program should truly be that – a summer program. In today’s blog post, I want to give you a reason to think outside the box and discover how to truly organize your childcare program to really provide an actual summer program that will cause you to have better, more effective marketing that will not only attract school-age children, but children of all ages to come and enroll in your childcare program.

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My first strategy that I would like to talk about is how to create a full marketing campaign that will establish your program each and every year. Begin now by purposefully setting the stage for summer enrollment by taking pictures, especially on beautiful, sunny days, try having the kids play outside and meanwhile you can begin by taking photos, and having the kids involved in activities, and showing yourself working with different vendors in the community to host different activities for the kids at your location. Start doing those things now so that your summer program can have an image that is organized so that you can have a more effective marketing strategy.


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Secondly, meet the needs of your program with proper staff scheduling. You know there’s nothing like having a summer program that is understaffed where you have to do all the bus runs, all the cooking, and everything else. There are so many things you have to do because you understaffed your childcare program, so now would be a great time to get everything organized and start reaching out to volunteers, interns, and many other people that can help make your summer program more interesting and also cover the schedules you have. I know exactly what it’s like to have an event going on and not have enough people to help. I have learned from that.

I would definitely like to see that you have proper scheduling that includes a fun and adventurous way for children to have fun and for you to step outside the box and create something different than what’s normal in the childcare industry. Your one and two year olds should begin going somewhere for the summer, and your preschoolers and four year olds should begin fun activities for the summer, not just staying in the rooms all the time, but to actually create a summer program where the children are going to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Andrea Using The Enrollment Tracker To Track Staff

Thirdly, prepare your field trips in advance and have it where parents receive a spreadsheet that shows the date, the amusement activity that you have planned, and the cost. Give them the full summer program layout well in advance so that they’ll know what the cost will be. Also following up with your prior clients, is a great way to let parents know what you offer and to let them know that there is an effective way for them to become a part of your program as part of a team, volunteering, or whatever it may be.

The way you organize your summer program will have everything to do with how effective your marketing will be for your summer program, so begin now by laying down each foundational area that you can think of that has anything to do with your summer program from activities, amusement parks, indoor activities, bounce houses, staffing, payroll, costs, budgets, interns, and volunteers that will help you formulate a more structured and organized summer program for your entire school. Please be sure to get started now.

I actually believe that organizing and being organized in your business is important. I believe that before you can market, you must be able to manage, and I’m going to go through management topics at the Andrea Ignites Childcare event that’s going to be held in Philadelphia, PA.  on July 16th. I want to see you there. Get your tickets and meet me there. You don’t want to miss it. To Get Your Tickers Click Here

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