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Andrea Ignites Childcare Orlando, Florida

What a wild time it was to experience a conference completely geared towards marketing and managing a successful childcare business with the focus on summer enrollment. Every time I’ve attended any type of live conference event concerning my childcare business, I’ve always grown and taken my life and my business to the next level.

Full Group Photo

Full Group Photo

I remember the very first conference that I ever hosted and all the many aha moments that childcare business owners who had traveled thousands of miles by plane, train, and some even by car received. They got so much information that shifted their life and their business, and at the end of a full-day session, so many childcare business owners left with the information they needed to connect the dots to the missing pieces and resolve issues in their life and their business. Many childcare business owners got started in their childcare organization because they got that one piece of information that helped them let go of the struggle and embrace the process of taking their business to the next level.

Andrea Teaching To Help Childcare Owners Succeed

Andrea Teaching To Help Childcare Owners Succeed

If you’ve never attended a live event, now is the time. I advise anyone that if I’m ever in your area, that if I’m 13 hours or 13 minutes away, never allow a conference that I host to come into your city and you miss it, because it’s one of the best ways that I have to ignite the fire in you to cause you to take leaps and bounds and do so much more in your life and in your business.

You see, I believe there is a huge difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is what you need to cause you to take action and inspiration is what you need to keep hope alive while you’re taking action. In my Ignite Tour events, you receive both – motivation and inspiration. I also know that by having motivation and inspiration without the right information can cause you to be frustrated, so to get rid of frustration, I always provide you with takeaway information to cause you to grow by leaps and bounds in your business. I also truly believe that not only will you have the information that will cause you to grow by leaps and bounds in your business, but you will have what we call follow-up content.

Childcare Business Owners Showing Up

Childcare Business Owners Showing Up

I’ve met so many business owners who are looking for a one-size does it all remedy, and in this industry, there is no one-size does it all remedy. We have to remember that childcare is a business like no other, and in order for your business to be successful, you must continually learn and you must stay on the pathway of improving yourself every single day. Why? – because you always want to improve your business and those who are involved with your business, which requires you to constantly seek out and learn new information provided to you so that you can make informed decisions.

I really want to meet you on the Ignite Tour Stop. It’s a full day of complete content from me to you with nothing altered or held back and all the information that I can give in a full day’s time. Now, just like you, I can talk about daycare from morning until night. Sometimes I have had clients say, “It’s time for a lunch break Ms. Dickerson,” because I always want to give and make sure that you all get exactly what you need to take your life and business to the next level.

The Ignite Tour Stop Orlando was so amazing. If you missed it, you definitely want to make sure that you show up to the next tour stop in a city near you. Don’t wait for your girlfriend to go. Don’t wait for your husband to say, “Let’s go.” When you have that gut feeling that it’s time to do something more and when you hear about the Ignite Tour and are interested, that’s your invite to personally say, “I should show up. I should be there.”

I truly believe that 75% of what you will achieve all comes from where you were when the information was provided. You’ve got to be present when your name is called. You’ve got to be present when your opportunity. I cannot wait to see you live on tour to show you how to experience so much more in your business.



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