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Making The First Step To Expand Your Childcare Business

Making The First Step To Expand Your Childcare Business
Maybe you’ve never had to take a leap of faith and just do it. But now is the time to take a leap of faith and get to moving in the directions of your dreams.

Achieving your hearts desire requires you to remove the mental roadblocks that’s keeping you from expanding your childcare business.
The all time favorite one is FEAR.

You become afraid because you’ve never done it before. I know because when I expanded into my second childcare program I did the exact same thing I heard the voice of fear come to try and stop me.

Overcoming fear is the first test of you accepting your purpose. Do you really believe that you can have a successful childcare business? Then prove fear wrong but taking actions on what you believe!

I overcame fear by pursing my goals and desire to expand all while being afraid ( not knowing what would happen) and by following the list below.

You’ve got to get out there in such a way that you know that there’s no turning back.

Fear comes to stop you from achieving the success that you want in your business. However, I want to give you a few steps on how to expand your business by faith.

  1. Wake up every morning and make a positive confessions that your business is located in a larger space and that the space can accommodate your childcare business desires.
  2. Write a list out of the kind of location that will work well for your childcare business
  3. Gather all the rules and regulations for a larger location and began to fill it out
  4. Decide on a budget range for what you want to spend on your new location
  5. Get out everyday and look for the location that you want
  6. Research and gather as much material, faith props, and childcare items that you can and begin storing them.
  7. Keep moving everyday

These are the exact steps I took to move from a family provider all the to a multi-center owner. And You can to!

Taking daily action by pursing your passion can be the keys unlocking your success. Take a few lessons from me by downloading my ebook and audio of How I Did It! Daycare Success which includes an audio titled How I Did It! 40 Principles I Live By@




How I Did IT! Daycare Success

   How I Did IT! Daycare Success



Just read your book, How I did it, Day Care Success. What a powerful testimony. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. It takes true leaders like yourself to share a sincere powerful testimony. Your book truly inspires me not give up, but to be persistent. I thank you for your genuineness. During our conversations, I can detect the truth in your words and your style. I can truly say, there is no sales pitch for a quick sale in your character, but a true passion for what you teach and portray. Thank you for the great strategies you have written in the book, which I will incorporate into my child care business. You truly have the key that unlocks the door to passion and purpose.

Many blessings to you in your business.

M. Mallard
Precious Lambs Early Childhood & Child Care Center
Holbrook, NY

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