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4 Reasons Why Follow Up Systems Work

follow up image 2One way to supercharge your customer retention and increase your enrollment is to make sure that you are always marketing. A vital part of your marketing process is your follow-up systems. A follow up system is a step-by-step multimedia process that enables you to build relationships with your current and potential clients.

If you want to see a return on your advertising dollars, the secret is to create a follow-up program which enhances your marketing efforts.


When potential clients request information, it’s your job to follow up with them.

If your company gives a typical response and just follows up one time with prospective clients, then your advertising return on investment is not even close to being maximized. Why? Because you never know where a prospect is in the sales process unless you stay in contact long enough to find out.

With each contact follow up you make, you increase the odds that a client will act on your offer. People respect a company that is organized enough to follow up in a planned fashion. It shows that you are interested in customer service and customer satisfaction, and because so many companies don’t follow up, you stand out from the crowd. If you follow up, you win customers.

The top four reasons to have a proven follow-up system:

  1. A follow-up system will provide your program with predictability
  2. Parents value businesses that value their concerns and input
  3. It builds that relationship factor that promotes customer retention
  4. A follow-up system promotes parent referrals

Make time to implement a follow-up program within your childcare business. Don’t let another client that is worth up to $10,000 per year slip out of your hands because of your lack of attention to detail.

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