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4 Steps Marketing Your Childcare Business During Snowy Months

Should you market your childcare business during the snowy months or when the weather is bad?

JPEG image-14143DAF6FFB-1The answer is..you should always market your childcare program! The reason why most childcare business owners aren’t out marketing is because they lack creativity to think outside the box, motivation to discover new techniques and no planning skills to prepare for times when the weather isn’t at it’s best.

STEP#1 Create A Plan

Marketing your childcare business during the winter/snowy months takes creativity and proper preparation.  To begin marketing during the snowy months you must plan for your marketing strategies. Planning for marketing should be done monthly and implemented weekly. This is how business growth works. Take time out allow your mind to do a brain dump. Brain dumping is when you write down every idea that comes to mind that you would like to explore when marketing your childcare business. During this time don’t rule out any thoughts that comes to you, your only focus during this time is to just write. Once you’ve written down your thoughts the next step is to create your monthly marketing plans. I use my Task Manager which includes my monthly marketing themes to help me to focus and market my ideas seasonally. Your next step is to break down your monthly marketing strategy into weekly marketing goals, plans, ideas and strategies. A great resource of ideas and strategies are located in the 30 Days To Profits In Your Childcare Business Kit. I call it the Profit Maker. Thinking things through with the weekly goal outline section helps to decide your marketing platform and materials that you’ll need to accomplish your marketing.

Andrea's Weekly Marketing Plan Process

Andrea’s Weekly Marketing Plan Process

STEP #2 Focus on Growing A List Of People

While deciding upon your marketing plans, remember that the key to marketing is to build a following of people via online. I call this building your list. Building your list is the fastest way to have business come to you. Building a list of parents takes time and consistency. I’ve been growing my list for over the past year with focus and I’ve reached over 800 potential clients thus far. Although, I’ve reached several hundred of people, my goal is to have a list if  3,ooo parents with a 10% open rate so my marketing mission continues and it includes ways to grow my list. Therefore during times when I am not able to leave my facility it doesn’t mean that I can not market. By using my email list, potential clients and prospects are still able to have my marketing message. There are several companies you can use for email marketing and for me, I use mail chimp.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.41.09 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.42.20 PM


Step #3 Use Your Time Wisely To Focus During Snowy Shut In Days

Times of being shut in or stuck inside due to inclement weather isn’t a time to sleep in. It’s a time to FOCUS and prepare for opportunities that don’t exist yet. All of your potential clients are not online, therefore writing letters to go out via snail mail is a great enrollment builder.  For me this is when I create my letters for moms, schools, churches and business to business. I provide my readers with updates, specials, and ways to refer clients to my childcare. Having letter templates in place is a great way to update without spending so much time trying to figure out what to say. In my Childcare Acceleration Coaching Program I provide my clients with the marketing materials for creating these letters.  The classes are open and you can join us and inquire about the program by clicking here

Focus Board Created By Childcare Acceleration and Andrea Dickerson

Step #4 Listen To Audio That Infuses You With Marketing Ideas

Did you know that 20% of all of your marketing activities will derive from what you know. If you don’t know the essence of marketing, creating flyers, designing business cards, creating funnels and the such. You’ll feel like most childcare owners do. They tell me stuff like, My marketing isn’t working. But essentially I know that it’s not working because they’re not listening nor reading the right information to market their childcare with clarity, target marketing and understanding their market share. That’s why I create audio programs that childcare business owners can listen to while on the go. Take time and listen to audio that will teach you how to get your ideas out to the market, what it takes to do more in your childcare, and how to grow the childcare business that you love!

30 Days To Profits Kit For Childcare Business Owners

There’s so much you can do during a snowy/bad weather day. Just remember that your role as the business owner is to inform, educate, generate leads and take enrollments online. Use your current products that you’ve purchased from www.IOwnADaycare.com  or get what you need from the store to make the most of your snowy months of shut ins.

Andrea Dickerson

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