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4 Steps to Accomplishing More of Your Goals During The Mid-Year

Are you on track to accomplishing your plans this year? Staying on track to accomplish your goals and plans this year requires you to have a planned map for success. If you’ve never created a planned map for success or consistently used a task management system to accomplish your goals and dreams, I know that you may be struggling right now with having the success that you truly desire to have in your life and in your business.

One of the key principles that I now understand about success in life and business is the ability to consistently use the right principles over and over again in your life and in your business. Simple principles such as cleaning out your closet, keeping your handbag clean and ready, having business cards with you, and waking up to have time to think before you go out to your business will cause you to have so much more success than you ever thought or dreamed of.

Another simple principle that so many childcare business owners overlook is creating a plan for what they want their full year to look like with that plan including their goals and their dreams. I truly now understand that if you’re going to have success in your business, it will require you to map out your plan for success. I want to share with you about four of my strategies that I’ve used to plan out my month of success and to have great success in my life and in my business.

Reviewing My Plans During Lunch

Reviewing My Plans During Lunch

Step number one – Plan ahead. Plan ahead of time as much as possible, including everything throughout the full year. For me, it’s very simple. I go through a simple, three-step process for my childcare business. Every month has a theme. For each month, I include what I want to blog about and what I want to offer my clients, whether they are parents or children.

If you have the task management system, you will notice that I’ve given you my full marketing calendar of what my year is consistently like every single year. I use this marketing calendar to plan out social media, my blog posts, my marketing ads, my discounts, and my increase. If you haven’t tapped into the task management system and utilized the marketing calendar, I highly suggest that you do so.

The next step is to develop a consistent planning time. One of the key principles that I’ve learned is that you need to be consistently using your time wisely and having a consistent planning time. I don’t feel right when I’m not meeting my planning time as I should. I condensed my planning into a Sunday.

On Sunday evenings, I go through my task management system and look at some things that I need to do. I jot down my seven times daily list. By doing so, I’m able to achieve so much more in my life and in my business because the next day, when I get up, I know the direction that I’m headed in. This helps me to stay on track to accomplishing my goals and my dreams.

Paired with my task management system is my goal accelerator planner. Utilizing my planning system, I write out every single quadrant in my business. These include office management, staff management, marketing, and also spiritual principles that I want to hold onto with scriptures that motivate and inspire me to succeed. Utilizing both of these tools together, I feel more equipped and ready for my day. Several of you want that. You want to experience that in your life and in your business. You will only have that when you develop a consistent planning time with the right tools.

Using My Goal Accelerator To Take My Business To The Next Level

Using My Goal Accelerator To Take My Business To The Next Level

Childcare Specific Coal Accelerator

Childcare Specific Goal Accelerator

Step three – Look for inspiration through reading, through your quiet time with God, and from others that inspire you to want to be great in the childcare industry. Spend time with people that are in this childcare industry and that are operating in the gifts of excellence on the level that you know deep down in your heart that you are to be operating on. When you draw from the inspiration of others like that, it causes you to achieve your goals even faster.

When you purchase the My New Fresh Start program, it’ll be just as if you and I were sitting at the table, and you were in the company of successful others, and we were talking about how you can have the same success in your life and in your business. This is why I admonish anybody that’s making new efforts to kick it up a notch and achieve more in their business to dive into the My New Fresh Start program. It’s one of the most affordable processes that you can get from me that will help you take your life and business to the next level.

Sometimes, all you’re really missing is an opportunity to make a new, fresh start and to start over again to accomplishing your goals and your dreams. One thing that I’ve learned about goals is that they never die unless you allow them to die. You can wake up every goal and every dream that’s inside you and take charge of it today. Take command of it right now.

You can find out more about the My New Fresh Start program by logging on to www.MyNewFreshStart.com. It’s the best decision that you can make at this point to reignite your goals and to be well on your way to accomplishing them.


Step number four – Stay connected to a coach via programs, events, and any additional social media outlets that you can. There are so many people out there in the industry that are giving daily quotes, daily motivation, images of what’s possible, business models to follow, strategies to keep you inspired, and blog posts to keep you current and relevant in the industry. You can find out all about that from me, as your coach. I give you life skills through the My Dream Childcare Life blog.

Then I give you the business side of childcare through the I Own a Daycare blog. If you stay connected to me, as your coach, and you are following me on social media platforms, and you show up to live events, that’s an immediate attraction that you’ll begin to reap in your life. You will begin to think more like me, talk more like me, and achieve more like me in your life and in your business. I believe that I have been appointed to help childcare business owners like you to really soar and go to the next level. I truly think that when you have a purpose in your life and you’re connected to a coach, it causes you to take flight higher and faster than you could if you were doing this all alone.

Sometimes when you are confused and you don’t know what to do, having access to My New Fresh Start program will cause you to have me with you all the time. You will have the program with you forever through downloaded audio, and through downloaded workbooks. You’ll also have access to our insider portal for as long as you want. You can even go back and look at your goals and dreams, look at the progress you’ve made, look at the lessons that have been provided for you, and listen to the audios that have been provided for you. These things will help keep you motivated every single day.



You don’t have to be in business by yourself even though you’re in business for yourself. You have a coach and a program that’s here to cheer you on. I would highly admonish that you get connected to the My New Fresh Start program today. Go to www.MyNewFreshStart.com.

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