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4 Steps To Staying Ahead Of Summer Decline In Your Childcare Enrollment

I’ve noticed that during the summertime, most enrollments decline due to various reasons; either there are older siblings staying home, going over to the grandparents for the summer, or just trying to cut back and save money. There are so many reasons on why parents pull children during the summer enrollment. In today’s blog post, I want to talk to you about four ways that you can stay ahead of the summer decline.

The first way to stay ahead of the summer decline is to understand that there are markets of parents who still need summer care for their children. The reason why I am explaining to you to change your mind about summer enrollment is because of your prior experience. So many of you have experienced a decline in your enrollment in the summer, and so you have accepted that as being normal, but you don’t have to accept lack as normal. You’ve got to see a decline in summer enrollment for exactly what it is: a season of lack. If you do not want to experience a season of lack, then you want to think positively about your enrollment and know that there are parents who are seeking summertime care for their children.

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Step #2: To get ahead of the summer enrollment decline, I suggest that you offer a pre-enrollment special for current parents and for new parents. Now, of course, your option for your current parents should be completely different from your option for your new parents, but nevertheless, you want to create pre-enrollment offers so that each person can feel the need to secure their child’s space in the program for enrollment in the summertime.

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Step #3: I truly believe that if you pre-plan your summer activities, that it would help you with better cold branding opportunities. See, you can have your own childcare business and it can be a family location, or it can be a large center or multiple locations, but what makes you stand out and be different from all others are the people in businesses that you network with. If you begin to create a network of other businesses that would co-partner with you during the summer, it will show that you are thinking on the bigger level and that you have more to offer the children.

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Most fliers say general information such as summertime, summer fun, summer camp. They’re never really grouped with businesses that offer the fun, that offer the good time, and can enhance the camp. If you begin planning now with networking with others in your community, then when you create your fliers, you can also add their business logo to your flier, which makes your program look more authentic, and it also lets your parents know that their kids are going to be involved in structured activities that will lead to their success.

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Step #4: Use social media ads now. If you are not a big online person, I highly suggest that you get rid of that old mindset, wake up, and take a look at what is going on in today’s new economy. In today’s new economy, you’ve got to either get relevant or retire. If you’re not ready to retire, it’s time to get relevant and start using social media ads for your marketing purposes. It’s okay to begin to invest in yourself and invest in your business. If you’re going to increase your enrollment, set aside a budget for the summer for marketing. You will see that you’ll get that money back within your first enrollment.

Step #5: Begin to use video in your childcare business. Videos are so important, especially when you can pass them on your timeline, and pass them in newsletters, and have people see what the kids are going to be engaged in. You know we are living in a day and time when everything is pretty much visual, so give parents what they want. Give them some visual of what’s going to happen in your summer program well in advance.

Now, my tips and strategies that I’m sharing with you are for you to take action now, not to wait until school is over, but to begin now. I highly suggest that you come on tour with meJuly 16th, 2016 and find out how to fill your Back To School/Summer  program and increase your enrollment. I’ve already begun doing this in my business and my strategies and techniques are coming over very well with my clients, and I want to show you exactly what I do. You can get your ticket and meet me live, and I guarantee that you’ll enroll five children and have so many aha moments that you’ll know that it was well worth the ticket price.

Don’t sit back any longer and let your summer become normal and usual for you to operate in lack. Make a decision today and meet me on this Saturday with your best friends, your colleagues or your husband, boyfriend, whomever, and let me show you how to get ignited and take your childcare business to the next level. Get your tickets here.

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