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5 Steps to Prepare Your Directors Office For Back To School

2017-2018 Back To School Directors Office Setup At Akeba Academy




Just the other Sunday I went over to my childcare program Akeba Academy and I did a few things differently for my back to school pop off! I am a firm believer that before you start marketing your childcare program, take time to upgrade your childcare environment for a bigger impact. The saying holds true, Familiarity Breeds Contempt. This means that once you’ve gotten comfortable with your environment you begin to neglect certain things about your childcare that could very well cost you a client because the first judgement that some parents make come from what they see when they enter your childcare environment.

To help you choose wisley what you should do, let’s look at the following list of items that I did.

#1 Upgrade Your Seating By Adding Pillows: Before I  upgraded my Director’s office it was old and outdated with chairs that would sink once you sat on it.  I started my search looking for a two seater. My first choice were formal chairs or business chairs. After looking around and pricing, most of the chairs were $200 and up. I was willing to pay a price but I am so glad I listened to my mom when she told me that I should try Big Lots. Upon arriving I discovered that outdoor furniture was on sale and that their two seater chair  was only $100. I jumped on this deal right away! Then I went to the outdoor pillow section and found these pillows that were on sale for $6 each! Upgrading seating allows me to offer my clients a comfortable chair for doing business! 

Proper Seating With Added Pillows


#2 Remove Clutter and Color Code Visible Items. I started with my binders! My binders are the source of my company operations and they help guide me towards operating my childcare on a system. I use a color code system for my childcare program and therefore my binders, files, bins, storage, folder and more are all color coded to keep my paper driven childcare business organized. When parents come into my childcare they can not only feel a difference but they can see a difference. Organization is eye candy to a buyer! It took me about 30 days to get my childcare binders updated for the new year.

My binder system at Akeba Academy. These are my DIY project. I Made my own spine covers.

#3 Add Your Business Cards To Sit On Your Desk Accessible To Parents–  Clear all clutter from the front of your desk where clients sit. Only leave space for your business cards to face them.

Business Cards Facing Clients For Easy Grab! Refer A Friend Cards Are Great Too!

#4 Brand Your Office With Your Childcare Brand. The more you surround parents with your logo, brand and image the more they will feel connected to you. Everyone knows I love apples only because my environment is surrounded with them. Add your business brand, not your personal brand within your office it makes your childcare program rememberable. Although you may not be able to find your brand image in common stores, don’t loose heart you can custom anything at print shops. Find  a print shop that will print you images of your logo on display material and you’ll be well on your way. That’s exactly what I did.

Use Your Business Logo Image as your decor inspiration.

#5 Stock Up On Your Enrollment Process Items- It’s Back To School season, stock up on your items necessary for easy enrollments. Don’t allow the enrollment season to come and go without you being prepared for it. Several parents will stop by just to compare shop. Be ready with deals that will close the sale in your childcare business.  One item that I am sure that I will have in my childcare program are the parent review guides! These guides help me to capture information necessary to follow through with clients until they choose us!

Stock Your Office To Prepare For Increase!


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