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Need Help Avoiding Mistakes With Preschool Teachers? If yes, keep reading. Please don't make the same mistakes I've made. So I hired this fantastic teacher, Ms. Orr. At the time, I had a lack mentality, and because of my lack mentality, I did not follow through with what I said
Are You Having The SAME Problem With Finding Staff? I can remember when I hired my best potty training teacher, and I also how I almost missed out on hiring her. Here is the backstory, I met my potty trainer teacher, Ms. Pam it really wasn’t a formal interview. At

How to have good success

Do you need help finding some direction and clarity to help you better manage your life and your business? Are you struggling with ways to stay on task in your business? Are you lost as to where to begin with your day? Are you looking for a rhythm for keeping

My Saturday Success

Being purposeful about your dream life Just like any woman does, I began to dream a bigger dream of my dream life and what I wanted to do in my reality so that I can live in my dreams. I remember one day sitting down and writing a list of

Changing your mindset

Are you a childcare business owner and you are finding that you need help in the area of changing your mindset. As soon as something challenging happens, you find yourself faltering,  getting sucked into the moment, and you find yourself feeling like you just can't be successful. Well, in today's
Hey there childcare business boss! This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here, and I got a question for you. Are you a childcare business owner who has encountered women that are in the childcare industry and you have asked them questions but can’t get answers? Do you feel as if
Hey you guys! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here, and welcome to today’s blog post. In our blog post today, I want to talk to childcare business owners who are marketing their business but they are missing the foundational pieces that will help them see the results that they
Hey There JumpStart Boss! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here with, and welcome to today’s blog post! I’m excited about today’s blog post because I am going to share with you four essential ways for you to take control of your business and build a successful empire. So
[embed][/embed] Hey everybody! This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here with Today I want to talk to childcare business owners about helping your teachers, staff, and administration team to work together towards time management skills. I also want to talk to you about how you can motivate and inspire
I remember when I first started out in the childcare industry. I would use my staff meetings as a way to discuss what went wrong during the week hoping that staff would learn from it, turn around, and progress to do what was right. What I did not do that would
Hey, you guys! Welcome to the IOwnADaycare blog. I am your coach, Andrea Dickerson. For today's blog post, I want to talk about the lack in your follow up. How does the follow-up impact your childcare business, your staff performance, and your staff retention? In today's training, I want to