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Between starting Akeba Academy and learning from my errors in management it was 50 plus people later that I realized that I needed to grow more and learn how to manage problem employees. I’ve had many people quit on me in my time as a boss and some people might
Are you looking to have a faithful team? If yes, keep reading. When I opened up Akeba Academy, my right-hand help came to Akeba to help me. Her name was Ms. Roundtree. She was very faithful and I have been training her to help me run my office. Once I
I had the preschool teacher from hell.   Do you have teachers you know you need to fire during the pandemic?   If yes, continue to read and not make the same mistake I did.   In the last email, I told you about my BEST teacher, Ms. Orr. Unfortunately, she is
Need Help Avoiding Mistakes With Preschool Teachers? If yes, keep reading. Please don't make the same mistakes I've made. So I hired this fantastic teacher, Ms. Orr. At the time, I had a lack mentality, and because of my lack mentality, I did not follow through with what I said
[row xclass="hidden"] [column md="12"] Need A Director? Here’s My Advice On Admin Teams Discover all the systems that you need to survive, grow, and thrive in your childcare business. Ready to get your childcare business Poppin? JUST ASK ANDREA HOW TO JUMPSTART YOUR CHILDCARE BUSINESS TODAY! Andrea Dickerson is committed
Are You Having The SAME Problem With Finding Staff? I can remember when I hired my best potty training teacher, and I also how I almost missed out on hiring her. Here is the backstory, I met my potty trainer teacher, Ms. Pam it really wasn’t a formal interview. At

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Do you need help finding some direction and clarity to help you better manage your life and your business? Are you struggling with ways to stay on task in your business? Are you lost as to where to begin with your day? Are you looking for a rhythm for keeping

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Being purposeful about your dream life Just like any woman does, I began to dream a bigger dream of my dream life and what I wanted to do in my reality so that I can live in my dreams. I remember one day sitting down and writing a list of
Hey, there, childcare boss. Welcome to today’s Work It Wednesday blog post edition. In today’s Work It Wednesday blog post edition, I’ve got a question for you. Are you thinking about what to post to keep your childcare business moving forward and marketing, but once you sit down to the
Hey, There, childcare boss. I’ve got a question for you. Are you thinking about what to post to keep your childcare business moving forward by marketing? Are you excited to post about your business but once you sit down to the desk, you sort of draw a blank mind and