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Awaken The Enrollment Builder In You!

I want you to get clear about something right now.. That This IS Your Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level, therefore every tip that you read today, apply it towards your BIG GOAL that you have to take your childcare to the next level.

Step#1 Think of What Your Next Level Feels Like and What It looks Like and See happening

Maybe you’re working on your next big LEVEL right now and you’ve experienced a lot of set backs, delays. Maybe you’ve lost your drive and motivation in your business and the next level seems like it’s never going to happen. Maybe you have several things that are unfinished in your childcare business and life that you haven’t gotten done or achieve. Maybe you just need a little encouragement, maybe you just needed to be ignited again, but here’s what I want you to look at,

In this life, you get one opportunity To Be A Winner, A Loser Or Be The Person Who Want’s TO Win and Ready To Win and when you are ready to be real with your self and to Postion yourself WHERE YOU ALL WAYS WIN! To get there all you need is some coaching, mentoring, help and assistance, the greatest achievers in life got things done and became a success with a coach, accountability makes a difference to your strategy and your childcare business.  Just making one adjustments to how you are doing business can multiply your efforts, your time’your business and your income.

Andrea Dickerson Working In Her Childcare Boss Status

Andrea Dickerson Working In Her Childcare Boss Status

So what’s that adjustment that you need to make?

I want you look at your written goals that you’ve created for your next level, now answer this question,  Is it really real to you? Are you willing to pay the price for your next level of success? Are you ready to deal with what that next level will really cost you? Do you know what it will cost you to live in the NEXT LEVEL? When It comes to you obtaining your next level don’t judge your future  from a place of history, failure or setbacks but write from a place of what’s possible. When you give up on your dreams and you allow them to be MINIMIZED,  you loose the battle to self defeating thoughts.

Step #2 So here’s your clue that you were meant to take your childcare goals and dreams to the next level.
Your Love For Working With Children- Think about your experiences of working with children and how that affects your life and the child’s life. How you bring smiles to their faces, comfort to their hearts, and confirmation of being a good person. Think about the times when you’ve corrected their behavior in hopes that they won’t carry that as they get older, teaching them about hygiene, life, community, purpose, love, friendships, gross motor small motor, For me when I realized, that I provided the beginning of learning for them I was immediately inspired. To see them achieve new milestones, was such a great indicator that if I could touch the lives and hearts 6 children then I could touch 12 and then 24 and then 36 and then 160 and even more! You were meant to do something significant in your childcare. You were meant to touch your community in a BIG way. You were meant to shine bright in your business You were meant to leave a legacy for the future and work diligently towards your NEXT LEVEL—> You were meant to prosper.


Step #3 It’s all in your Mindset

Why Coaching Is So Important To Your Next Level- Your next level will require you to be pushed so that you can achieve optimum performance. Coaching provides support when you are at your wits ends and you feel like you can’t take anymore. My coaching style will teach you how to execute your authenticity that your competition isn’t doing. When you realized that you need to accomplish more I will show you how to accomplish more and some. But you’ve got to be willing to work harder, stay focused and want to achieve your next level more than you want to stay on your current level. You’ve got to want SUCCESS.

Coaching provides you with new information to help you in your outlook on life, your enrollment, marketing, management, team building and much more. Most importantly I will make you focus in on your NEXT LEVEL IN childcare

So now, I am going to help you take that BIG IDEA That you have and I am going to show you how to take it to the next level!

Your Big Idea is your WHY, What and When and HOW.

Let’s talk about your why-
Why do you wake up early and go to bed late
Why do you create lesson plans
Why do you working endlessly with staff hoping they get it and help you take your vision to the next level?

Is it because of your mortgage or financial responsiblity, ask your self why? When you’ve lost your reason for why you want to work in a childcare based business things get cloudy, profits dwindle, things go unfinished, you loose your sense of urgency,you become complacent
you start saying well that’s good and settling. 

BUT SHAKE YOURSELF and REMEMBER….If things can be better than good is not enough.

You’ve got to become more passionate about your destiny and purpose!!  Your Passion Leads to the Profits! There is purpose to you being in the childcare field, There is a reason why you had the idea to work with children and make it a career and a business. 

STEP #4 So how do you get to the NEXT LEVEL? You write it out, plan it out, by using a vision board.

Andrea's Vision Board #1

Andrea’s Vision Board #1


Vision Board For Andrea's Childcare Centers

Vision Board For Andrea’s Childcare Centers

Here’s what they had to say about vision boards on

Nancy says her vision board keeps her goals constantly in her mind. “It’s kind of a visual and verbal articulation of my goals,” she says. “I can remind myself, ‘You need to take actions if you want these goals to show up.’ It’s not a magic trick, really. It’s about you being the person who’s motivated to make that stuff show up.”

Louise says a vision board can be a very effective tool. “It helps you to focus your thinking on what you want,” she says. “When you do that, it’s like the universe gives you ideas [on how to get it].”

Martha says she sees two reasons the vision board works. One is something called “selective attention.” “If you repeat the word, ‘blue, blue, blue,’ and you start looking around the room, all the blue things will start popping out,” she says. “Part of it is quantum physics. … We know now, scientifically, that consciousness brings matter into being where there was energy. So it’s not even necessarily that it draws it toward you. The conclusion is you’re literally creating some of this stuff.”

Cheryl says the vision board’s power also comes from the simple fact that it allows people time to focus and do something about their lives. “People say to me, ‘Oh, I don’t know about this law of attraction. I don’t know if it really works.’ I say to them, ‘So, what have you done lately to test it?’ ‘Oh, well, I think about what I want,'” she says. “That’s not good enough. You need to take specific action—make a list, do a vision board, start speaking what it is you want.”

Getting clear on your BIG IDEA is your guide to what the end of your vision will look like and when you are clear you start moving confidently in that direction of your dreams.

Working With Andrea Live In Person

Working With Andrea Live In Person


The secret to moving forward in your business is when you make a decision..Get out of the valley of sabotage your own success when you stay still and don’t make any type of progress rather it be mental or actual movement in your business…your greatness and success is in you, it’s not in what’s going on around’s in you, so what are you doing to bring your greatness out? The solution to bringing your greatness out is to move confidently in the direction of your dreams with deadlines,  quantifiable goals and accountability. Joining the Childcare Acceleration Coaching Program is sure to help you achieve that! I have discovered that something as simple as not having a paid, proven childcare leader, coach and mentor that you’ve invested in can keep you out of the KNOW! It’s what you know that takes you from dreams to reality. You will discover all the systems that EVERY childcare business must have to succeed. Join my email to find out more 


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