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Back To School Marketing With Client Testimonies

The season for back to school has begun. What are you going to do as a childcare business owner? Have you started considering what your back to school perspective, objective and goal will be?

In today’s coaching lesson provided to you by the IOwnADaycare blog, I want to give you a strategy I believe is important for you to consider doing right away in your childcare business. Today, I want to talk to you about capturing client testimonials to increase your back to school enrollment.

During this time, I realize people do business with people they know, like, and trust. In order for people to know and like you, they’ll need to have testimonials about your services and what you provide. Having testimonials as a part of your registration process and exit interview will help you capture testimonials effortlessly from your clients, and give you the content you need to help increase your enrollment.


In today’s coaching session, I’m going to give you a strategy that most childcare business owners overlook. Just as it’s now back to school time for different businesses, and you can see they’re using back to school in their marketing, it’s important that you use back to school in your marketing, as well. To be able to use back to school in your marketing during this time of the year, I want to encourage you to use your back to school marketing and testimonials on your website. If you don’t have a website, now is the time to create one for your childcare program.

Your back to school marketing message should include your messages of testimonials from your clientele. To begin to accomplish your back to school marketing by capturing testimonials, I want to walk you through the steps I use in my own childcare business.

The first step is that I go to my Goal Accelerator and turn to the Childcare Marketing Goals section. This is important because this part of the planning process helps me think through the changes I want to begin to work towards in my business. With it being back to school time, I want to make sure that I’m focused on what really matters and what’s going to help increase my enrollment. The first step is to enter in my objective for my marketing channel. Your marketing channels can include things such as your website, social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, your YouTube focus, Periscope, LinkedIn, comment marketing, fliers, brochures, business cards, podcasts, word of mouth, graphics, direct mail pieces, any live events you’re going to attend, newsletters, and any other idea you can come up with to help you create a solution for your marketing channel.

For me, in my Goal Accelerator, I like to choose one marketing channel that I focus on. For the sake of today’s blog, I’m only going to focus in on your website and using client testimonials. Within my Goal Accelerator, I focus in on my website and my client testimonials. The first section says, “The weekly goals for my marketing objective is to accomplish the following,” and I want to encourage you to accomplish adding testimonials to your website and using those testimonials for back to school marketing.

In the first area, I will write that I’m going to capture testimonials to update my website in my back to school marketing. When you have this written down and you’re working with your parents, or with your staff, your mind will take you back to the information you wrote down and allow you to move forward in that direction.

Then I begin to set my next objective. Why am I utilizing testimonials? Who do I want testimonials to come from? What age group of children am I trying to fill my business with the most? At this point, you can set your objective of how many children in what age group you want to attract. For instance, if you want to attract more infants in your program, be sure to gather testimonials from your parents who bring their infants to your childcare program.

Of course, we’re living in an age where proof marketing is everything. If you focus on capturing infant testimonials, be sure to capture photos of your parents walking into you childcare program bringing their infants, happy about signing their infants in, and happy about handing infants over to your teachers. You want to depict your marketing message by having photos to have proof marketing.


You also want to have photos that contain parent testimonials, which we call graphic ads. Your graphic ads are what you will use to put on your timeline for Facebook or Instagram. It’s very simple. It just shows what the parents are saying, what they love about your childcare business.

You plan this out using your Goal Accelerator marketing goals section. You then write down keys to success. Your keys to success will indicate what it will look like in the end to let you know that your marketing strategies have worked. What do you want to see in the end? Do you want to see your website full of infant testimonials? More blog posts containing your infant information? Your social media timeline marketing to parents with infants? What do you want your end result efforts to look like? You write down those keys to success. It helps you focus for what you’re going to advertise that week.

For the second part, you can also use your parent testimonials to help you accomplish enrollment by using videos. It’s important that you capture videos from parents to place on your website or any of your marketing channels. Having videos is a definite social proof marketing because those who are watching can get a feel of the type of parents you cater to, the responses that parents have towards your business, and business efforts.

After you’ve walked through the Goal Accelerator process, it will prompt you to the different marketing channels that you will use and what your focus will be for that week in your childcare business. It’s so easy to increase your enrollment when you have the right goal setting tools that will help you do it.

Honestly, when I created the Goal Accelerator, it took my business to a whole new level. I became more focused on what I was advertising and who I was advertising to. Operating on a clearer system that I can appreciate, as well as those around me who have helped me with my vision, has caused us to become closer as a team. Check out the Goal Accelerator. You’ll be glad you did.


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