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Beginning Steps To Winning With Staff

Andrea Setting Goals For Staffing

Andrea Setting Goals For Staffing

Today I want to take you on a journey. On this journey we’re going to discuss how you can win big with your staff and team. I remember Coach Kamau Dickerson telling me awhile ago that as long as we have 80% of the people on board with the vision, that we can accomplish anything that we put our mind to. When he told me that, I began to immediately think of ways to win big with my team so that I could have the majority of my team on board with the vision and moving forward with everything I want to accomplish in my childcare program.

As a word of caution, not every team member that I have complies. Not every team member that is currently employed in my facility are what I call my leadership team, but there are times when everyone has proven that they can handle the job and they are worthy of working for my establishment. One of the things that I’ve seen when it comes to working with employees is that they all have motives. They all have purpose in why they are at your facility, and it’s your job as the childcare boss and leader to find out why.

Several times throughout the year you can begin to implement these strategies that you will discover, and it will keep you clear as to how to keep your team motivated and empowered to succeed. One of the downfalls that I found that happens in this industry is that it is a high turnover job. It is not the best paying job, and many people don’t see it as a career. They only see it as a step to get something better. It is your job as the childcare boss and CEO to help them see a bigger picture and a bigger vision, to latch onto your vision, and to work with you to make it happen.

Andrea Dickerson Childcare Training Center For Back To School Teacher Training

Andrea Dickerson Childcare Training Center For Back To School Teacher Training

15 ways staff 5

I remember I used to teach you guys that it doesn’t matter where you start. What matters is where you finish. A couple of Sundays ago while listening to one of the ministers, he began to repent before the congregation. He said that he felt really strong that he needs to tell us that it does matter where you start. I listened to the minister, and I made up my mind that I would clue in other childcare business owners to know the truth as well.

It does matter how you start because how you start is more likely to indicate how you’re going to finish. As we go on this journey, I’m going to walk you through from start to finish 15 ways to keep your staff motivated, empowered, and excited to succeed in the childcare industry. Number one, always begin with the proper interview style. I remember when I first got started I didn’t even know the questions to ask.

Question: Why Do You Lose When Hiring Staff?- Here’s A Clue

When I First Got Started…I didn’t know what my staff would need.

I didn’t know the things I needed to put in place. Because of that, I would just hire people that said they love working with kids, and that soon backfired on me. I had to immediately get quiet and ask myself what is it that I really want to know about these people to ensure that they are equipped to help me accomplish my goals and my dreams?

Answer: Always Begin With The Right Interview Questions.

Question: Why Such A High Turn Over Rate?

Be sure that before you allow your staff to go into your childcare program that you take them through some type of orientation of your program vision, goals, mission, and most importantly basic core rules. By empowering your team with basic core rules, your vision and such, it will give them a visual or idea as to what you are going to expect from them.

Answer: Improper Orientation Always Lead To Improper Performance

Secondly, it is very important that during your orientation time that you give them an opportunity to be introduced into your environment through their own volunteer time before they accept any position.

It’s very important because not all environments work for every personality, and I’ve learned this the hard way. Just because a person has a degree or just because they desire to work with children doesn’t mean that they’re going to succeed in my learning environment. Be sure that you allow them to go into the learning environment and to see and experience it first before bringing them on full time.

Question: How Can You Improve Your Hiring Systems and Move Towards A Solution?

Answer: Begin first with creating a more intense training program

Appeal to all learning styles. Some people learn through visuals, some people learn through audio, and some people learn through reading. You want to have processes in place to appeal to all learning styles to help them see your vision, hear your vision, read your vision, and become a part of the vision. Appeal to all learning styles in your work environment so that everyone can succeed.

Set a standard. We all know that leadership has everything to do with knowing when and how to do certain things with staff. Even though you may feel like when I say something to the staff, they get upset. When I try to be their friend, they don’t do their job. It leaves you kind of confused as to really what it takes to get them motivated.

One thing I know that will never change is having a standard for your business. People will never respect what you don’t inspect, and people will never respect what you don’t expect. You’ve got to have a set of standards that you expect your team to comply with in order for them to respect you in the end.

I know this all too well, that without having a standard people are going to still want to work with you and people will still want to leave your facility. I know all too well that by having a standard I will experience the same. People will want to work with me, and people will want to leave. You can’t worry about what they think because in the end, your standard for excellence is empowering them to succeed in every area of their life.

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As you guys can see, there are multiple ways of motivating and inspiring staff to succeed. These are my tried and true things that I’ve done in my very own childcare program that have helped me accomplish more than I could have ever thought or dreamed. You can accomplish this too. You can build a childcare dream team one step at a time, one day at a time, one point at a time.

Don’t get discouraged and don’t feel as if it’s just you because it’s not. It’s the same all over the world. Nobody has it perfect because this isn’t a perfect model. Working with people will never be perfect because people are imperfect.

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