3 Easy Ways For Training Your Director, Assistant and Office Staff


I can remember the frustrations I experienced  when I hired my first assistant within my  family home childcare program. I was feeling like she never knew what to do. I keep having to tell her the same things over and over again and training her had started to confuse me.

But as my business grew I expanded into a center and I needed help quickly.  I needed to hire an assistant director. I made my hiring decisions without having a job description or a training manual to train from.

And because of my poor preparation my assistant director (at that time) was more of a hurt to my center than a blessing. I had experienced trust issues with money, parents, and staff. She was just a bad hiring decision. With all of the frustration going on within one of the most important roles of my childcare business I realized that I needed to access my situation and get clear on what I needed to do.

I had to deal with myself. I had caused the hiring issues within my childcare program because I wasn’t clear with my training processes, procedures, and forms.

When I began to access my own staff organization I realized that I wasn’t set up with the right systems to attract and train the right people.

# 1 How Will You Know If You Are Set Up For Properly Training

Having owner expectations written with timelines ensures accountability. If you have not written any clear director/owner expectations with timelines than chances are you’re expecting a performance from your director that you haven’t clearly defined.

# 2 Do you train your assistants and directors based on a system or as issues arise?

When the director’s training processes are clearly written and systematized you will lessen your frustration and accomplish so much more! Create a written day to day system to help with each step and process for what you want your director to accomplish. Be sure to answer what, when, where, and how plus add steps for them to be accountable to you. This is a great jump start for creating your director’s manual.

# 3 How often do you train your director and assistant?

After completing your director’s training manual review it every 30 days with your director/assistant. Constant reinforcement is what causes automation. When you train your lead staff constantly it will enable you to not have to work in your business but rather on your business, looking for ways to improve, increase and inspire.

I am sure that if you are reading this and you need better office organization, staff procedures, and help hiring and retaining the right director. I know where you are and what you are experiencing.

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