4 Productivity Strategies To Get things Done

Are you a childcare business owner? You’re tackling tasks, doing as much as you can, but you still don’t feel as productive as you’d like?

In today’s blog training, I’m going to talk to you about how to improve your productivity in your childcare business. I want to encourage you to be productive in the area of your purpose. So many childcare business owners find themselves doing every thing and every task in their business until what they’re truly passionate about and what their true purpose is, and what they are really were created to do to grow their business, they consistently lay aside, but today I want to encourage you to start your morning by focusing in on yourself and what you do best in your childcare business.

  • Productivity Killer

It’s a big productivity killer to start your morning by checking your email, your calendar, and your bank account. This allows others to dictate to you what you accomplish. I want to give you a few of my strategies to encourage you on how to start your day out right.

To begin, I want you to start your day by focusing in on your “I am” statement. Make a positive confession over yourself and over your day so that you are focused in on who you are and what you believe you were called to do, and you will find yourself achieving more of what you want and less of focusing in on what you don’t want.

Start your morning out with positive statements:

  • I am productive.
  • I am properly planned.
  • I am exceeding my goals.
  • I am loaded with all my sales goals.
  • I am financially creative.
  • I am financially increased.
  • I am financially on track.
  • I am wealthy.
  • I am properly planning and being productive.
  • I am planning my days in advance.
  • I am prosperous and productive.
  • I am turning in all my assignments.


When you begin to speak out loud about who you are, what you are, what you do, and what you really want, now you are beginning to have a more productive day.

Start With Spiritual Solitude

Number two, start your morning with some type of spiritual meditation, prayer, and quiet time. When you start your day out in prayer, meditation and quiet time, you begin to develop habits that will help you stay in tune to what you truly need to accomplish for the day. Understanding how the inner man works to encouraging you to accomplish more in your day will keep you utilizing the intuition that’s on the inside of you to grow and be a great success in your business. Tap into your intuition by spending morning time in prayer, meditation, and quietness.

Number three, do some form of workout. Get on your treadmill. With our Jumpstart squad, we meet 5 a.m. Monday through Friday with our video cam. Maybe this is something you can do with your squad through Facebook. Encourage one another to walk. When you get in no less than 15 to 30 minutes each morning – talking to each other, motivating each other, and walking as we go – any type of workout or exercise that you can do will greatly benefit your mindset, your productivity, and your self-appreciation.

Once you’ve fueled your day with these typical productivity activities, take a moment, calm down, and re-hydrate. Drink you some cool water and grab your cup of coffee. I love to sit down after prayer time and drink my coffee, look at my calendar, and look at my plans for the day.

Next step, focus in on the challenges that you are going to tackle first in your business before lunchtime. Here’s the key to being productive. Knock out your most challenging work before lunch, and then once you do, give your brain a rest. If you have a busy morning, or you have a busy day, complete all of them now so that you are free in the afternoons to slow your roll, slow your pace, and to accomplish more in your business. By scheduling your day this way, you’ll be able to create a new and more productive way to manage your time.

Here’s the third idea: create a system. You’ve probably developed some type of productivity habit over the years, but if you’ve never given your days a rhythm or triggers, then you really aren’t in the habit of operating based on a system. In order to manage distractions that come your way, you do this by creating a system. In the all new productivity set, our system will help you follow trigger days. These trigger days has “Done For You” lists of items that you check off, your task system that you write in, create your notes, and pop it off. When you check, write, and pop it off, it causes you to operate with a rhythm in your business. Plan your mornings, afternoons, and your evenings using a time slot to manage your day. On your productivity notepad, you will notice that there’s a time slot for managing tasks. When you begin to guard your day like this, with this all-new daily productivity system, it will allow you to safeguard your time and accomplish getting more done.

Here’s my final key tip. Stop confusing productivity with laziness. While you may be the boss of your childcare business, when you arrive at your childcare business without a list and your productivity task ready, you are truly being lazy. It doesn’t take nothing but 15 to 20 minutes every single night to plan your night in advance. With this “Done For You” system, all you have to do is pull your notepad, check off what you want to do, put it on the timeline, create your notes, and voilà! It’s done.

While no one likes admitting it, sheer laziness is the number one contributor to lost productivity. In fact, so many of you have a thought that you are saving time and money by being so many places in your childcare business, and that I might as well do it myself, but in reality, you’re actually just getting out of ways to do the real CEO work that it takes to grow your business. Place your focus on doing things that matter most and that pertains to you being efficient and effective as possible. When you do, you’ll find that you’ll be more productive in the area of your purpose. The productivity kit will help you get your daily productivity systems in place, the rhythm you need to stay accountable and to bounce back quickly, and the routines you need to help you establish your habits.

Go now and check it out: andreasjumpstartstrategy.com.