Discover An Easy Curriculum and Lesson Planning Process

Are you a childcare business owner, and you are wanting to be more involved in your curriculum, and you want for your curriculum to really speak for your program goals and desires that you have for children? If so, in today’s Jumpstart Business Booster, you will discover how to utilize the curriculum section of the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. This week, I started out working with my teachers on our final curriculum semester before our summer months begin. This is one of the most intense and one of the most focused seasons of the year because the third semester leads to our preschool graduation.

Andrea Meeting With Staff

For me and my childcare business, the preschool graduation is one of the big to-dos. This is where we get a chance to market our childcare business to aunts, and uncles, and grandparents, and cousins, and nieces, and this is an opportunity for us to show our children that they are special, that they do matter, and that their hard work added up to something. During this time of the year, it’s where we focus real hard on curriculum objectives. For me, I use my Daily Jumpstart Business Booster to help me set curriculum objectives for my school and to help me set my goals that I want for my classrooms, or for my childcare program as a whole.

I use the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster on the weekends or when my time allows for me to truly sit down and think, how do I want for my curriculum to impact my childcare program and the children? You can utilize this same system, whether you have a pre-created curriculum or not. You know, that’s where most directors and owner go wrong. We go wrong in that area because we don’t make time to set goals for what we want to see for our curriculum. When you set your goals, this is the right time to sit down with your staff, to go over what you’ve set for your program.

Included within the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, under your Monthly Goals section, you get a timeline where you can place when you want these things completed by and who’s going to assist you in doing it. Not only does this Jumpstart Daily Business Booster help you, but it’s an outline for your teachers to follow as well. Most people will follow if you lead. If you have a curriculum program in your childcare business, you must lead that curriculum program regardless of who or what curriculum you’re currently using.

The next section is to plan out a monthly classroom schedule. Your monthly classroom schedule is a time where you think about this one big classroom activity. You know, everyone isn’t blessed with the gift of creativity and maybe you’re not the person that’s blessed with it either. When you sit down with your team and you go over your monthly theme, and you talk about how you want for this theme to go throughout your classrooms and you give them the tools that they need to execute the vision, you will walk through your childcare program excited and happy because there’s nothing better than seeing the vision come to pass.

Your next session is your lesson plan tracker. This is where you plan out your weeks, your themes, your shapes, your colors, your numbers. For those of you who are very technical, you can also add in your vocabulary words. This to me is by far one of the best systems that an owner of a childcare business can use, especially when it comes to you being the visionary and the leader of your organization and you having a vision that you want for your classroom and for your children to achieve.

Go now and get your own Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. Nobody in the world ever thought that you could take time and use your planner to plan out your curriculum to have great success. Well, now that we have one on the market, there’s no excuse. Indulge in thinking big and dreaming big about your childcare business. Until next time, you guys go to www.thejumpstartbusinessbooster.com and sign up now.