Andreas Productivity Advice

Hey, you guys! Welcome to today’s blog post, where I want to talk to you about giving your business a boost through productivity that causes personal manifestation. I told you guys earlier that I have experienced times in my life and business where I wasn’t as productive. To be honest, February was that month for me. As I sat down and did my weekly reflections, I realized that I did not remain productive during the month of February, like I did in the month of January, and I began to take note of my reflections to be sure that I was clear of what I needed to shift and change so that March, or my next following month, would not have the same hiccups.

Small Walks Will Help You Self Reflect

Consistency Keeps You Focused

I realized that in order for me to have manifestation, I must be, number one, consistent. I realized that the month of February I was inconsistent with several areas of my life where I wanted my goals to be achieved, and I realized that my inconsistency was tracked in the things I wrote, ate, the way I thought, the way I spent my time and how I began my day.

One of the reasons why I know that consistency is the key is because I started having mornings where I didn’t wake up at the same time, I didn’t take the initiative to write, I didn’t complete my reading assignment, and I did not write out the things that I wanted to do in my day for each and every day; and boy, did I realize that not having a list to keep me productive was one of my greatest inconsistencies and time-killers in my business. The next one I realized about myself was that I did not have clarity.

The month of February was really a month of disconnect from my purpose and my assignment. The reason why I felt a disconnect is because I, number one, did not refer back to my goals as I know to do, and number two, I did not get things over to my team in time, so everything started flooding into my inbox about a week or two later than what I wanted to see happen for the month of February; and boy, did it affect all of my marketing, all of my strategies, even my clarity. I say this to say that if you don’t grab ahold of being prepared and having things ready and on time, it leaves you rushing, trying to play catch up, and that’s where I noticed I was off track.

Number three – the next strategy that I believe will help you manifest more in the month of March is taking serious your eating habits. Can you believe your eating habits can have a lot to do with your increase?

Well, I’ll just speak from my own experience. During the month of January our ministry normally goes through a 21-day cleansing, fast and separation. I noticed that during those 21 days, as long as I was fasting, separating myself and fasting, that I operated with much more clarity. As soon as the 21st day of January hit, it was like my body knew that I no longer needed to constrain or restrain myself, but I realized that my productivity, no matter what I wrote down, no matter what my heart intent was for the day, my productivity did not manifest as much as it did during the month of January. I believe that if you’re seeking clarity, then what you eat has a lot to do with what you will comprehend, understand, and have a clear mind and conscience about. I realized that my eating habits were defining moments in my life and that I was not practicing restraint, so I realized during my reflection time that if I did not do these things, these basic things, that that would not lead to me mastering productivity and manifesting what I want.

The third strategy that I realized that I needed to incorporate was a night routine.

I had gotten so accustomed to staying up until 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock or 12 midnight, that there was no real routine in place, so when I got ready to start my mornings, I start my mornings complaining, saying I was tired. The a-ha moment came to me, which was if you intend to succeed, then your nightly routine must become more prevalent. I decided, hey, during this month, I’m going to implement my nightly routine and create a plan that will work for me, so that I can manifest and be more productive in the month of March.

I believe just these three key points that I told you will cause you to manifest the true goals and dreams that you have for yourself. Here’s the secret: if you notice, I mentioned nothing about childcare, because your success in your childcare business has everything to do with the clarity, the consistency, the routines, and the eating habits that you have outside of your role that you play as a business owner. When I realized that my success in my life had nothing to do with my childcare program, but rather how clear I was about the vision of my childcare program and what I needed for those around me to do, that’s when it all began to manifest and make greater sense to me on how to manage the childcare business that I love.

Now, after reading today’s long blog post, maybe I’m the coach that will help you with your mindset piece, to help you shift from no nightly routine to having nightly habits and daily habits that lead towards manifestation. I want you to go now to www.andreasjumpstartstrategy.com. Maybe you need the perfect productivity day or maybe you need to have me work with you one on one. Whatever it is, when you invest in this direction and invest in yourself, you’ll find that it’s easier for you to get back on track when you are being consistent in your nightly/daily and eating habit routines. Until next time, I look forward to talking with you all soon. Thank you for being a part of my story, my journey.