Back To School Teacher Training Ideas

Hey you guys this is your coach Andrea Dickerson And today’s blog is about back to school training for your child care staff. 

I believe your child  care staff will be the key to you having an easy profitable and manageable back to school season.

Back-to-school season world wide usually lasts August, September and October.  So this gives you a full Quarter working with your team during this time period for back to school.  Back to school training in my opinion should begin one to two weeks Prior to your open house event or 1 to 2 weeks prior to your first day of school.   Back to school training will continue on throughout that quarter.

On-going focused based training that consists of you teaching, observing and encouraging your team members to stick with your vision and goals throughout the quarter will spill over into the school year. 

A wise quote I have read once said :

“The way you start a thing is ultimately the way you will finish” So today’s blog is going to talk to you about how to start right so you can finish your school year with great success!

So here is the question what is back to school training?”

Back to school training is an opportunity for you- the business owner. This opportunity is to improve your business operations, increase your teacher support and to create order in your classrooms. Back to school teacher training is also a great way to help you order  classroom supplies and improve inventory.

And last but not least, it’s a great time to teach your systems, your classroom management programs and your curriculum vision for the school year.


Here is my next tip  

Create time for training.  

Creating time to train your team members is essential. 

 Now there is no one way to teach your teachers during the training, but there are a few strategies you can use to create the time for teacher training.  One thing I know from experience is that there are so many things that you as  the business owner and CEO has to do until saying this to you can be overwhelming. 

So I’m going to share with you my strategies that I used to help me accomplish my back to school training.  

#1 I found out that weekends are best. 

Weekends are best because there are no kids and no interruptions. When I work on the weekend I have my mind completely focused in on working on my team. 

#2 Conduct Group Trainings

Group trainings are where you group a particular class based on age group  together and replace them with floaters. This will allow the lead and the assistant plus any additional main personnel that works in that classroom to come and be with you while the floaters are in the classroom. Those are called group training. 

 I’ve also conducted my teacher training by following my personnel training policy and procedure within my parent handbook. 

Which details that we have teacher training days. Teacher training days are when we partially closed the school for that particular age group of teachers that we are training.  

For example If I’m training my infant room on a particular training. Parents get that notice in advance and only that classroom is closed for that day or we offer partial days, But the rest of the child care business is open and operating.

Then there is my final strategy. My final strategy is where we transition children.

We transition children because we can move them from one age group to another or one classroom to another and we add additional coverage if needed.  However the main teachers are the ones we can bring out. 

I would like to know what you use to have time and Opportunity to train your teachers. Please give me a comment below.

 However, also consider the strategies I have shared with you, it’s possible it can help you right away.

So here’s how you host a back to school training:

Number One: As the Owner and CEO of your business your first step is to plan your objective. Plan on how you are going to say, the material you are going to use and create your agenda.

Number Two: Gather your supporting  props. For some of you that may means, your computers and WiFi, printouts ,projectors screens, whatever that means to you plan on having those particular props available and  set up in advance. 

Number Three: Create a sign in sheet covering your topics and have your team members sign in. You don’t want to allow this training to be a time just talking out your frustrations, this is a time to take your vision and teach others how to operate in your vision.

Number Four: Always teach from your SOP which is your standard operation of procedure.  Always use your jumpstart daily business booster planner, And be sure to bring your binders. Your binders have everything to do with classroom management and classroom organization.

A few of the tools that I used  to help me to accomplish this strategy is where I use my Jumpstart Daily Booster and I also use my “Jump Start Blueprint Course” where I have my trainings installed on how I started and managed my childcare program.

There is a training within the “Jump Start Blueprint Course” that’s all about bulletin boards. You can take this same training and show and  it to your team members to accomplish your bulletin board strategies and ideas. 

Until next time be sure to check out my tools. 

Let me know what you are doing with your back to school training with your team members. And remember if you manage the childcare business that you love you will love the childcare business that you manage.