Boost Your Money With My Calendar System

Hey, you guys, this is your coach Andrea Dickerson, and I’ve got a question for you. Have you been struggling with the basic foundations to managing your income and your expenses?

In today’s training, I want to talk about a system that I created well over five years ago, just to help me have a glance of my monthly income and expenses. Awhile ago, in 2013, I used to print off calendars. On my calendars I would take all of my bills and write my due dates on the dates of the calendar when they were due. I would calculate how much money was due from these different bills and expenses. Once I did that, on Saturday’s date, I would add up the total and put the total on the form.

Having this process was something that helped me get in control of my finances, especially my monthly expenses. I began to think of other strategies to add to my calendar system. As I began to think about strategies that would change how I managed my expenses and my income, I decided to add the Money Booster section into the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. Within the Money Booster section of the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, I decided to spill my beans and provide to you all my money-boosting system.

This system helps me stay in control, be aware and take action when it comes to my monthly expenses; not only just my monthly expenses, but my income as well. The system that I’ve been using for about five years now has proven to be effective for me. Having my bills set up based on my trigger system allows me to see clearly what’s going out this day and the amount of money that I’m generating that’s coming in. I believe that money needs attention. When you give money attention, it will cause you to have a clearer understanding of what to do with it. Not only does money need attention, but money has to be placed on an assignment.

Currently, my husband and I are studying the Dave Ramsey concepts, and we love it. These concepts use the envelope process for delegating funds to particular places where you want for them to be spent. Not only does the envelope process work, but I’ve found where it coincides with my calendar system that I use in the Money Booster section. This calendar system has me writing my income daily, or it has me writing my expenses. Of course, this is not something that I have to do every day, but I sure enjoy doing it about the end of the month as I prepare for the next upcoming month. It gives me clarity as to what my goals should be that week, my money goals, what my goals should be if there’s a collection that I need to call because I’m not able to make that payment that week.

Having your money, as far as your expenses and income, written in a clear monthly calendar format will cause you to see your money in advance. It will cause for you to have clear financial goals and a clear financial plan in place that will help you become aware as to where your money is going and what to do with your money. This system is not for anything else other than to help you become aware. So long I journeyed through my business without being aware as to what it was costing me every day to operate my business. When I got clear about what it cost me every day, I no longer held my head down when parents would say things like, “Oh, that’s too much,” or “I can’t afford that,” or “Ooh, that’s expensive!”

When I thought about how my basic expenses to own and operate a childcare business was only to ensure that the children were well taken care of, that the childcare program was operating in compliance, then I realized at that moment that having this system in place made me look from a different focus and from a different direction, that my services are what they are and that I have to charge what I need to charge in order to cover my expenses. Had I never taken time to follow my money calendar system, in the Money Booster section, I would have always felt as if I did not deserve more or I didn’t deserve better in my childcare business.

That’s my tip for you today. If you don’t already have the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, you definitely want to put this system to use in your personal life, to help you manage a successful childcare business. It’s one of the tools that I’m so grateful for because I get excited when I get a chance to see clearly what’s expected of me financially for that month. To find out more about today’s product offering, be sure to log on to www.TheJumpstartBusinessBooster.com