Childcare Funnel and Automation Training and Recap.

Hey, there, childcare boss.

Welcome to today’s Work It Wednesday blog post edition.

In today’s Work It Wednesday blog post edition, I’ve got a question for you. Are you thinking about what to post to keep your childcare business moving forward and marketing, but once you sit down to the desk, you sort of draw a blank mind and don’t know what to say to parents? Well, the world is a different place now because of the pandemic, and it seems like no one knows quite what’s next to do. We all have to work a little bit harder right now to make sure that we hold ourselves extra accountable for keeping our childcare business full.


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One way that you can keep your childcare business full is by keeping momentum and constantly finding ways to build your enrollment. Building your enrollment requires futuristic strategy, planning, marketing, funnels and automation. I’m going to give you ways to market your business through using posts on social media. Now you can choose to market your business any way that you like, but, based on our experience, having these types of posts will help increase your audience retention and lead your parents to a customer journey that you have decided to take them on.

  • Number one, You must become a digital marketer. We all know that right now everyone is transitioning into marketing their business online or finding businesses to do business with online. Now we know that this cannot be a well-I-don’t-type of option, that if you do not market your business through social media online, you must get started today because this is the going trend, and trends don’t last forever and eventually become staple parts of the way we do business. You know, a lot of people thought that Facebook was only going to be a trend. Well, now it’s a staple part of how billions of people do business this very day. Don’t get left behind.

I believe there’s a story about the Nokia company. The Nokia company was one of the first game-changing cell phone companies in the industry, and because the opportunity came for them to level up and walk into their future of developing into a smart phone, they did not act fast. Because they did not act fast, they became a sellable franchise and
was bought out by Microsoft. There were several concerns going on with the web, where the CEO of Nokia was highly embarrassed because they did nothing wrong but one thing, and that was not staying current and on the cutting edge using technology to promote their business. If you are one of those people, be sure that you take away from
this blog post ways that you can post your company that doesn’t feel sales-y, but yet can
be authentic to who you are.

Number one, in order to make the proper post, you must know your audience. Your audience combines children and parents, so be sure that your timeline, both for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc, represents both of your audience, parents and children.


  • Number two, Don’t forget to talk about the pandemic and stay true to helping your clients understand how the industry standards and your standards will help parents to make a decision to continue to use childcare. You know, there are several companies now where parents can purchase for childcare owners to come work within their home.
    Do you know what that tells me? That tells me that although we’re in a pandemic and things aren’t as usual, that they will never be normal again, moms that work from home will need to know how important childcare services are to them during this time.


  • Number three, market health tips. Market to parents what you’re doing that is healthy for children in your childcare facility, and with you now being the expert, you can market other health tips that moms can use so that they can continuously take care of their little ones until they return full-time back to your childcare program.


  • Number four, share what’s going on in your community through your Facebook and social media. Right now, Facebook and Instagram allow you to reach people that are no longer in your community or no longer decided to be in your community. With that being said, you want to have information that’s on your timeline so that people can find out more about what’s happening in your community because they are interested in doing business with you.


  • Number five, communicate your business changes. Never just assume that parents understand your processes and systems that you’re putting in place to keep the children healthy and safe during this time. Be willing to communicate all your amazing accomplishments and changes that you’ve made in your company so that parents can see the difference and acknowledge them. I know for myself personally that I utilize the power of duplicating my marketing efforts by utilizing my content more than one way, however it still shares the same message.

  • Number six, how children are learning during these trying times. Although some students
    are home or the state may shut down and return students back home, there are still loads
    of things that children can learn during these times, and it’s your role as the professional
    to help identify items that children can learn by posting them on your site, whether
    you’re using Facebook or Instagram, so that parents can get visual a-ha moments and
    utilize them with their children.


  • Number seven, use Facebook for link posting. That’s right, Facebook carries one of the
    most easily marketable platforms for childcare business owners to market using funnels
    and automation. When you learn how to set up your funnels, you receive a link. This link
    can be used with your post to give clients the next action step that they should take to
    become a part of your network, where once you create your automation process, you’ll
    be contacting parents, telling your stories, keeping them engaged and involved because
    you’re posting links on your Facebook that leads parents to become a part of your


  • Number eight, use Instagram for entertainment. That’s right, choose a platform to be
    serious, and then choose a platform where it could be entertaining and where parents can tune in and get funny videos, content that’s share-worthy and content that’s discussionworthy.


  • Number nine, free resources. Whatever resources are going on in your community or that
    you offer free, continuously market that on your page.


  • Number ten, market your services. Take a moment and write down sixteen services that your business provides. We can think of several now – potty training, hand washing, certificates for potty trainers who are successful, infant care, preschool care, toddler care, after-school care, virtual learning, etc. There are so many services that your business offers, and all you have to do is take a moment, create a marketing plan and run it so that parents can find you by marketing your services.


  • Number eleven, digital tours. I understand that parents are busy, preoccupied, and can’t come until after hours sometimes. Well, why not send them a link where they can take a digital tour and book you right away.


  • Number twelve, enrollment deals and specials. This is a little bit different from your services because your services tell a person. However, stories sell about a business, so you want to create stories around enrollment deals and specials to encourage parents to enroll with you.


  • Number thirteen, stories for moms. Hey, why not share some stories from your current parent base – things they’re talking about, things they’re worried about during this season. Repost them on your stories, especially if it fits your brand and timeline. This will help you to increase your algorithm and traction in your business.


  • Number fourteen, create quotes that contain easy tips for children to learn while at home.Parents are not used to or ready to do all the back office work themselves, but they could come to your timeline and get easy tips for what they can do at home with their children.


  • Number fifteen, share your behind-the-scenes work flow and life. It is essential for parents to know that you’re not just home twiddling your thumbs, even during a pandemic, but show the work that you do, the products you create, the students that you help, the smiles that come throughout your business everyday. You can show the behindthe-scenes of what you do to depict to parents how successful childcare businesses look.


  • Number sixteen, last but not least, share your memories. Memories are essential to share during these seasons so that parents can have an emotional connection with your program based on the memories that you create by using a photo of some type that can be taken with an iPhone, Android, laptop, etc.

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