Using The Goal Accelerator For Office Organization For Creating Your Childcare Parent List

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So here’s why my goals for my office task are so important!

Your list of parents and children information is the most valuable data your childcare/daycare business can own.

Your list will enable you to create frequent newsletters for your clients. Most daycare/childcare businesses with a viable parent list will increase it’s customer loyalty, brand awareness, program involvement and drive traffic to their online social media platforms. Which will ultimately increase your enrollment.

Every quarter, I go through my children files and add the parent contact information, the emergency pick-up contact information and any names and emails that was provided in the referral process of my enrollment packets. Plus I check for the pediatrics office that my clients use as a way to know which pediatric’s office to partner with.

It’s so important for you to keep the newsletter process in mind at the first point of contact with  each client. The easiest way to accomplish this is by creating a newsletter system. For me in my childcare business I begin with my registration forms and my telephone process. I immediately use a prospecting system for capturing information and storing it in my email system.

Periodically, I hire a data entry clerk to go through my files and enter email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses of current and prior students.

Then I use my follow-up system to market, educate and keep parents on my list informed. Below is my personal testimony of how my newsletter and address list really works. I remember when I created my own direct mail marketing pieces and mailed them out based on my follow-up system and with in days, the parents returned with the postcard and the student was re-enrolled because of me staying in contact with my parent list.


Your client list can add thousands to your business valuation, especially if you are considering an exit strategy to sale your childcare.

Here’s A Few Strategies To Creating Your Parent List

1. Update Your Registration Forms By Asking For Email Addresses

2. Get My FREE CHILDCARE MADE EASY KIT for my Prospecting System

3. Find An Email Campaign Provider

4. Decide The Format For Your Email Newsletter

Using the Goal Accelerator brings value to your business in more than one way! It helps me to stay committed to building up my team to learn my systems and more! Be sure to get your goal accelerator kit today! www.TheGoalAcceleratorKit.com 

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