Creating Your Jot Task Sheet

Hey there, childcare boss. This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, and welcome to the New Year! I’m excited about this new year because this is a wonderful time for you to create effective systems that actually work in your childcare business. Maybe you’ve tried creating systems on your own, and you get frustrated because you don’t know exactly where to start or how to start creating your systems. In today’s blog post, I’m going to talk to you about the number one most effective way of creating your systems in your business and that is by creating a task jot sheet.

Eliminate Excuses

When I learned the power of creating a task jot sheet, it eliminated excuses from all of my admin team. It brought forth clarity to all my teachers to understand that my experience in their role was the sounding board to all of my tasks and procedures that I wanted to be created in my childcare business.

Before we go into that part of the blog, I have a question for you. Have you made the mistake of hiring individuals to run your classrooms, hoping that they can create their own personal systems? If so, take note of what you will learn today. I’m going to show you how to indicate healthier ways of creating systems that work so you’re not depending on people to come work for you and to do that. Let’s move into the process of creating your task jot sheet.

Utilizing Your Jot Sheet

Your task jot sheet is a simple activity log where you document your day. When I began to move in that direction, I removed all the anxiety and stress of trying to magically remember everything that I needed to do, which made my system creation time fun, and I made it top of mind. Instead of me trying to remember everything I did, I realized that the most productive way was to create a documenting procedure.

This is why I love using my Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. Inside of my Booster, I can write down what worked and what didn’t work and what I need to improve for the day in my Booster so that I can create the system later on. Most of the time, your problem is that you’re trying to create the system by memory instead of utilizing your jot sheet.

Creating An Activity Log

Let’s add a little science to your day. You add a little science by creating an activity log so that it will reveal the things that you, as a human, will tend to forget. Every time you perform a task, jot down the steps you take. Here are a few other things that I want you to jot down.

Number one

Jot down the time you spent on it and how long it should take. When I began to utilize this approach in my business, with managing my team, that’s when my systems became more simple and I could enforce more accountability.

Number two

Jot down exactly who you need to work with and their role in order that needs to be accomplished. If you are new to the childcare industry or even seasoned, and you have been acquainted with doing everything yourself, sometimes you fall into trouble by not including others in your day-to-day operations to help you get things done. You limit yourself to teachers, kitchen and bus driver as help, when you honestly need other people to assist you. Whenever you bring on someone into your office or into your space to help you accomplish a task, jot down that person, their role and the things that they helped you to accomplish.

Number three

Any unusual variables you encounter that change the procedure, jot those things down also. You know, so many of us never troubleshoot, we only write down what we want to be done, but there are days when what we want to be done is not typically what’s going to happen. Now you want to write down any unusual variables that could have happened to offset a task or a procedure or to offset a completion of a thing. Whenever you encounter those variables, be sure to write those down because you can create plans to help you avoid them in the future.

I want you to do this process for about three weeks. After you complete this process, you’ll have a firm idea of what needs to be fully documented. Then you’ll understand what you can afford to pass on verbally or what you need to logically set into your manual as a system to be followed and followed through with.

I love offering coaching to clients who are ready to be exposed to new levels of thinking, new ideas, and how systems really work in their childcare business. To get started, I’d love for you to join me by logging on to www.andreasjumpstartstrategy.com. Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation, so that I can help you choose me as your coach.