Creative Strategies To Make Marketing Better


Along with having a written and active marketing strategy, it is very important to stay creative when marketing. One way to make sure that you carry out your marketing plan is to create props that make it easy to take action when the opportunity comes along.

Marketing props help you get the job done – whether it’s passing out your business cards, handing prospects your childcare media kits, leaving brochures in the restroom, posting a flier in a restaurant, offering clients referral cards, or speaking at a baby shower and passing out CDs or DVDs about your childcare business. The secret to marketing props is having them available so you and your prospects can take action.

Step 1: Create a childcare media kit for marketing. Your media kit includes a generous supply of business cards, a small portfolio of your childcare program (pictures are a must), a CD or DVD of your program, index-card sized follow-up forms and samples of children’s work or parents’ testimonials.

Step 2: Purchase inexpensive business-card holders so you can leave them in businesses where you’ve been given permission to do so.

Step 3: Keep fliers, along with tape or push pins, in your vehicle. My motto is: Everywhere I go, I want to leave a trace. My trace is my marketing materials.

Step 4: Market your childcare business by hosting a family and friends party, or ask to be involved in as many of the children’s birthday parties as you can. The key is to have goody bags that include your marketing materials for each of the children.

Step 5: Become a resource of information for parents. Choose a market of parents you would feel most comfortable with and offer them how-tos. Reach out to community agencies that your niche parents frequent the most.

Having accountability will make this process fun and successful! We all have busy and slow times, and we need to market consistently during both times. All of the steps that I have listed within this blog are doable; the passion to get them done all relies on you. I am doing it in my community and I’ve found that these strategies work and are easy ways to fill my enrollment.  If you know that you need accountability to reach your goals, let me know. I have accountability programs available for you @http://iownadaycare.com/training/about/