Employee Handbooks Must Be Updated Every 6 Months

Are you a childcare business owner and you are responsible for creating and updating your handbooks? If so, in today’s blog post, I want to give you some errors for you to look out for when it comes to the business management part of your employee handbooks. Several employment law attorneys point to a dozen common handbook mistakes that cause childcare owners their biggest headaches. If you want to make a plaintiff’s attorney salivate, show him or her your employee handbook that involves the following issues.

Out Of Date Handbooks

If your employee handbook hasn’t been updated in the past six months, it’s out of date. Get current and compliant fast by updating your handbooks and removing these most common mistakes. Several childcare business owners create memos, update policies, make decisions on-the-go, but they never take time to write them out and add them to their company handbook. I can remember my days of owning and operating a childcare business where I made the same mistake. I found myself during new hire orientation saying to my new staff, “Oh, no, this is an old policy. This doesn’t apply to us any longer.” Do you know the impression I left upon people about my organization? Some employees never return back to my orientation because I wasn’t set up for success.

A System To Planning Your Update

I want to show you a different way to go about updating your handbooks and how to make this process simple and easy for you. Number one, put on your yearly calendar that you’re going to update your handbook at least two times per year. Whenever you create these updates in your handbook, make it during a time where all staff are given an electronic or paper copy of your handbook during a major time of the year. Whenever you make an update, be sure that it includes this one particular update in this mark. This mark that your handbook should be included at the bottom of your handbook which indicates when the handbook was revised. I also recommend, as far as number two, for employers in the childcare industry to indicate that the current edition supersedes all other editions. That way, all employees are aware that this is the most recent and updated employee handbook that you have.


Think Ahead

I believe that when you begin to think ahead with your employee handbooks and add in new policies or procedures that an updated signature page must be provided to your team. Continue to make updates to your handbook as often as you need, but be sure that you are indicating in your handbook that it has been updated. Remember that old information can lead to confusion, discontent, and litigation. Always keep your handbooks up to date.

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