Expecting To Win! With an organized calendar

Are you a busy childcare owner or director who operates a FAST GROWING childcare business?

If so, I know you can testify about the endless hours you spend your TIME with your staff or parents possibly discussing the same issues over and over again until it may begin feeling much like YOUR work day begins when everyone goes home.


I know that there is an art to EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT, and I agree that there is a proven way for time management.

From my experience of working in 3 types of childcare businesses, such as- family home, group center and childcare learning center, I have learned that I needed a specific “time management” tool  that was proven to work in the childcare field.

I know that we all can agree that the Childcare Business is a business like NO OTHER!


One of the ways that I have found to be less stressful FOR ME is to create a CALENDAR OF DUTIES. I created a calendar of duties  for me and my staff.  I use this calendar of duties  as a foundational schedule and then I can add other duties to it.

I want you to try to create your very own calendar of duties by using these tips!

How Do You Build a Calendar of Duties?

  1. List EVERY duty in your childcare program  that has to be completed by a certain date and time on the calendar
  2. Repeat that duty as many times on the calendar that the task need to be completed
  3. Review your job descriptions and list duties on the calendar that must be completed by a date and time, then Repeat step 2
  4. Once completed, review the calendar for accuracy then discuss it among the staff to be sure that the Calendar is understood.
  5. Then DELEGATE the duties among the staff.

Just Because You Own The Business Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be the Busiest

~Andrea Dickerson

I know that it is not easy OWNING and OPERATING  your own childcare business. But I do know a few ***secrets**** to the success of a daycare business and that is to:


By creating this calendar and sticking to it, you will be able to hold your staff accountable and ensure that the operations of your business will be consistent.

I have began working on a awesome tool kit to help us stay organized and relieve us of duties that take up so much of our time, so we can focus on what really matters-Building Our Business!


 Learn ways to  focus on the tasks that will GROW your childcare business!