Finding Quiet Time For Your Thoughts That Leads Towards Childcare Success

These are the benefits of finding quiet time after a busy childcare work day. I truly believe that if you are currently struggling to feel valuable and feel as if you’re running a valuable company, or if you feel tired, alone, and in despair, you are not alone, and I believe it’s because you are not alone that you are feeling these things. I want you to really understand today’s blog post, because it’s designed to help you understand the benefits of having alone quiet time with your thoughts and the results that come from quiet time.

I believe that anyone can benefit from quiet time. This is especially true for childcare entrepreneurs. See, as a childcare business owner, you’ll find yourself running full speed ahead, and you’ll find yourself only responding to situations and having to put out small fires that come along with owning and operating a successful business. At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself pooped, tired, and making a full crash to bed at night. I’ve even had some childcare business owners admit that, as a woman, they fall asleep on the sofa only to wake up the next day to begin their daily bathing routines. Why does that happen? It happens because you’re constantly running an environment that’s noisy and that’s chaotic from time to time, and it takes a toll on your rest and your peace, and it especially takes a toll on your mind.

While childcare is a busy, unpredictable industry, I can consider noisy and chaotic days as normal. It is also a place where quiet time is quite uncommon. Quiet time after your day ends AND before your day begins is crucial to your success.

ANDREA taking a break and enjoying the sun and spring cool breeze

As a childcare business owner, you’re constantly in a state of reacting to baby cries, staff, phone calls, emails, kitchen duties, transportation duties, making sure the children stay on schedule, watching out for new clients to enroll. You have so much going on around you, and some childcare business owners like myself seem to define success as being able to manage all of those little things and accomplish even more tasks on top of that. I’ve come to a peace in myself, and I’ve come to a peace of mind to know that you’re supposed to get ahead, and the only way that you can get ahead is if you calm down, get your quiet time, renew your spirit, get a fresh outlook, and prove your leadership and progress. All of these are results of having the proper quiet time.

In the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey tells a story that demonstrates the need for rest, refreshment, renewal, and reawakening in our lives. In the story, he talks about coming upon a man in the woods who was feverishly sawing down a tree. The man said, “You look exhausted,” and he asked the guy sawing down the tree, “How long have you been sawing?” He says, “Over five hours, and I’m beat.” The man began to explain that this is hard work. The guy that was walking through the woods and saw him said, “Well, why don’t you take five minutes and sharpen your saw? Then, the work will go faster.” “No time for that,” the other guy says. “I’m too busy sawing.”

This analogy will hold true for all of you childcare bosses out there, but it has a special meaning for those of you who own and operate your childcare facility to the spirit of excellence. The special meaning is that it will cause you to feel guilty for taking time out to renew your own mind and to renew your spirit, but I’m here to tell you today from experience that, if you did, you would have an entirely new energy to take on the next business day’s tasks.

I can admit that my day is super busy, too, from raising a son of my own, loving on my God babies, pastoring two churches, running a nanny agency, an after-school center, a childcare program, a book writer, a magazine curator, a coach, a jewelry distributor, and a plethora of other things, I myself can absolutely tell you that quiet time for myself is something that I have begun to make a regular activity in my life. It’s during my moments of quiet time that everything comes into place. The solutions that I seek for my childcare business arise. My marketing ideas come into fruition. My prayer time becomes more relevant to my life. The scriptures that I read, they become more applicable to my mood and to my understanding, and I just begin to walk in a peace. Through my quiet time, this is when I can hand my burdens and my cares over to The Lord. I renew my energy to keep up with the rest of my goals and my dreams.


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Andrea At Akeba Academy

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Andrea Having Quiet Time

When your day is already jam-packed and full of so much that you must do in order to make your business work for you, you must find time to renew your spirit, gain a fresh outlook, prove your leadership, and make progress.

Here are a few of my steps to finding time for your quiet time thoughts and the results of doing them.

#1 I use my Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. My Business Booster includes a Quiet Time section for me to write daily success affirmations, my prayers that I’m asking God to help me with for the day, any weekly scripture or quotes that were really relevant, any aha moments in my quiet time thoughts. I use my quiet time thoughts in different ways to release.

#2 One of the ways that I release is I write about the success that I truly want. There’s nothing better than facing a challenging day and leaving my day open to the best it can become. Instead, I close the door on doubt, and I use my quiet time to open up the door for more by writing the success that I truly want.

#3 I also find myself writing prayers and writing my weekly scriptures. This gives me an opportunity to spiritually connect with God and to come into peace with His Word and His scripture over my life. As a result, I’m finding myself writing about how my day was and how I would like for it to turn out.

Writing has become apart of my quiet time, but it’s also a reminder to sit quietly and to think. My thoughts as well as your thoughts are the most important gift that you could have, especially if you are consuming the right information. What you consume could cause you to think of solutions that are readily available for you and easy to execute, but you must get that quiet time. Never neglect giving yourself what you need to empower you to succeed.

Here are a few suggestions of things that I think that you should do in order to get your quiet time in.

#1 Find a small corner of your home or your office, any area that’s a personal sanctuary, and take this space to declutter your mind. Maybe it includes a special pillow, blanket, or warm place by the fire.

#2 Find a few moments throughout your day to breathe and let stresses float away. When you meditate, your thinking mind becomes quiet. The bottom line is that you need to find a way to bring peace to the organized chaos of owning and operating a childcare business and of having a family. It’s when you feel like you don’t have any time that you need the break the most. Quiet times help you prevent burnouts. If I can do it, you can do it. You’ll be astonished at the progress you’ll make with a little bit of quiet time.