First Impressions are KEY!

first_impressionMost independently owned childcare center programs are established by word of mouth. Your customers’ experience with your brand is a major factor that determines if your childcare program has any means of being successful and maintaining automatic enrollments.

Much of the interest in childcare programs comes from recommendations by satisfied parents and relatives. When prospects encounter your brand, what message are you sending them? When you answer the phone with screaming babies in the background, what message does that send? When you’re not doing business with your prospect’s perception in mind, you forget about first impressions.

The first encounter that clients experience upon a first-time visit or encounter with your brand leaves a lasting impression in their minds. To ensure that you are sending the right messages, I recommend these easy first steps:

1.      Create telephone etiquette and procedure. Whether you are a center owner or a family home provider, have a script in place to follow. When I was a family provider, I answered my home phone in a professional manner.  I would say: “Thank you for choosing Kingdom Kids, this is Mrs. Dickerson, how may I help you?” My professionalism would cause parents to ask if I was a center or family provider.

2.      Always greet parents and prospects with a smile. No matter what’s happening, always greet your parents with a hearty hello and a gracious thank you! I remember when one of my team members passed out in the center and we had to call for emergency help. This happened about 30-45 minutes before pick-up time. I had to remain calm and cool, even with the emergency squad lights and sirens buzzing right in the front of the building. Parents were concerned that something had happened to their child. But I would greet each parent with a smile and keep the environment professional. Because of that my parents knew I had full control of the situation and that their children were in the hands of a professional childcare business owner and center.

3.      Plan your parent interactions, such as tours, interviews, open houses and orientation. When parents visited my early care center, I had a prearranged orientation procedure. I had my business well planned out. Many parents would tell me that I was destined for a huge childcare business, and because I was prepared I had what it took to go to the next level.

I believe that you should not limit yourself to just what you know. It’s worth it to ask a childcare expert and business owner to review your policies and procedures to ensure that you are providing parents with your best first impression. I can help you ensure that your systems are in place for success. Just click here http://iownadaycare.com/work-with-me/