Goal Setting For Hiring and Retaining New Staff

Are you ready to take complete control of your hiring process and achieve your hiring goals?

Hey, you guys, this is your coach, Andrea, and I know several of you may battle with the right time to hire and the right time to fire.

In today’s training, I’m going to go over a goal setting process for hiring and retaining new staff.

Inside of the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, I included a section called Weekly Childcare Staffing and Leadership Goals. I believe that when you set a weekly goal for what you will accomplish with your staff, it’s easier for you to stay focused, keep your mind on what you’re wanting to accomplish, and  it’s easier for you to execute because you have already made it clear that this is what you want to do in your business, and now you’re going to take every step to move forward into that direction.

When you get the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster and you head over to your Staffing Goal area, you will discover that each week you are to set a weekly goal for staff. I know several of you have staff that you have no intentions on replacing, or your staff has been with you for awhile, so you may think this doesn’t apply to you, but actually it does.

Did you know that most of your staff that’s around you are no longer operating at 100% in their positions?

Have you ever wondered why that is?

It’s because there hasn’t been any goals set to challenge them to move in a different direction or at a different speed, or to increase productivity. However, as a childcare business owner with the right tools in place, you can set your business management goals that you want to accomplish in your business.

Below, I’m going to list a few of the questions that’s a part of the staff goal setting portion of the planner.

  • The first question to ask yourself every single week is: what area of my staffing and my leadership of my staff and their performance would need to improve to make the largest impact in my childcare business?
  • See, it’s questions like that that cause you to think differently about your team, their productivity, and what it is that they could do to help move you forward in your dreams and goals.

Another area that you want to become aware of are the common issues that you need to address with your staff or leadership team.

There’s a thread that normally shows throughout a childcare business whenever there’s a need to make correction. You’ll notice that more than one person may be doing the same violation of rules or regulation, or you may notice that you’re seeing the same thing over and over again. That lets you know that that’s a common issue that you need to address with your staff.

  • The next question to ask yourself is: what are your plans that you want to implement to help your staff and your business succeed this week?

You know, answering questions like this truly pushes you from waking up each morning purposefully to having a purpose in mind.

  • Then next question to ask yourself is: how can I provoke a positive change to produce an outcome of my staff success in my company? As I’ve always stated before, change comes from leadership on down. What is it about you that needs to change or that you need to do to encourage a shift amongst your team, so that you can be productive, to produce an outcome that will lead your company towards success?


When you answer that question, maybe you may say that you do need to hire new people. If so, the additional questions in this section will help you determine when to hire that person, what you’re looking for in that person, and what tasks you need them to do or even if there’s credentials necessary. When you spell out that next level person that you need to help you in your business, it’s easier to recognize them when they show up.

If you have not already gotten in to the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster and setting goals like this to help you shift your business from surviving to thriving, then I definitely suggest that you set goals for hiring and retaining your new staff by getting the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. Click here and get your own kit.