Good & Bad Subject Headers For Common Childcare Systems

Are you a childcare business owner who creates systems but your systems are not being followed by your staff members? Did you ever think that maybe it’s because you aren’t writing your SOPs the correct way? In today’s blog post, I’m going to talk to you about good and bad subject headers for common childcare systems.

I have learned in my journey a lot about systems and how to create them with the best headers that will encourage childcare teachers to follow my program. Today, I’m going to talk to you about a few subject headers for common childcare systems.

Develop Your Administrative Procedure Manual

To get everyone on the same page with a clear, well-organized SOP, you have to learn how to do this the simple way, which is by developing your administrative procedure manual. We provide training in our Jumpstart Academy program that will teach you how. Let me explain to you a few examples of some good and bad headers for common childcare systems.

New Students Header

The words “New Students” can mean a lot of things to your staff members. To help this person make the new student system work, you would have to clarify what SOP this is for. You would say, for example, enrolling new students, new student orientation into the classroom, etc. When you create your SOPs, be sure to explain clearly what this new student process is for. Just because you have new students starting in your program, it doesn’t mean that the person reading your SOP will understand what process you’re talking about exactly.

You should have several new student processes such as the moment they enroll in your program, the moment you enter new students into your operating system, when new students arrive in the classroom, have a place in your transportation system, and when they have a place in your kitchen systems. All of these systems must be clearly defined as to what area of business it pertains to.

Creating SOPs in Evernote

Here’s Another Bad One – Copier

Instead of having a subject header that says copier in your SOP, you want to have a good subject header that says, using and fixing the copier. The reason why is because anyone that reads the good topic that says using and fixing the copier understands that this is something specific that they can learn about exactly by using your manual, and they can tell exactly what you are discussing in this part of your manual.

By having these great subject headers when it comes to your SOPs, you are clearly giving an action behind the SOP. For example, instead of saying children files SOP, it would say organizing children’s new registration files. Instead of saying staff files, your SOP would say organizing staff files SOP because anyone that reads it understands that in this section they’re going to be reading about organizing the staff files.

Now for instance, if your SOP was about discarding children files or discarding staff records, you would use your SOP clearly to say discarding or something descriptive, giving an action word in front of the SOP so that anyone that reads it understands that this is what you are about to do or have them do.

In my 8-week JumpStart Academy, I work with clients to prefect their SOPs and work on different systems in their childcare business. If you are interested in learning more about my 8-week JumpStart Academy Program, go to www.AndreasJumpStartStrategy.com and sign up for a free 15-minute consultation.