How Can I Give You A Childcare Business Boost?

Hey, you guys! This is your coach Andrea Dickerson, and I’m super excited because I am back on tour for the 2018 childcare business year. I have been setting major goals to have sold out events and to host impactful events that will change the childcare business owners’ life, their vision, their childcare business, their money, and their money habits. I want to share with you a few of my a-ha moments that have impressed my heart from our very first tour stop.

On March 10, 2018, we held Jumpstart Business Booster Atlanta, and it was amazing. There were several moments that touched my heart because I saw that the people who attended received, they got the information, they were in sync, it was divine timing, and you cannot beat that for nothing. In my childcare business booster live events, my goal is for childcare business owners to have a wonderful experience. This experience that I want for childcare business owners is for them to have a shift from just attending a conference having the conference impact their life. For me, I wanted for this conference to be a time where childcare business owners received strength, wisdom, knowledge and confirmation of the ways in which they were supposed to take for the rest of the year.

As a childcare business owner, I love having confirmation that I’m moving in the right direction, and that I’m moving according to God’s plan for my life. This is one of the experiences that we wanted for childcare business owners when they came, to experience a shift, a comfort, and a reassurance that they were handling business and doing things the right way.

My second goal for the childcare business conference, that was also one of my most memorable moments, was when we developed a group of strong, like-minded, supportive childcare business owners. My goal has always been to share the opposite of what is known among our industry. One of the stigmas that’s a part of our industry is that childcare business owners do not support other childcare business owners due to fear; fear of their business not being able to stay full and operate accordingly.

I have had to learn that in order for any industry to be a success, those who lead it must be willing to collaborate. I wanted for this to be a part of the Jumpstart Business Booster Live Event, where childcare business owners could find support and collaboration amongst other childcare business owners, and there was clearly no competition. Because of the unity that we display, we have seen a major increase in camaraderie, support, information and business success. The unity of our conferences is like no other. We speak life, positivity, and increase into everybody that attends.

One of my next a-ha moments from the event was that we had a chance to capture moments that were life-changing. Unlike any other childcare conference that I’ve hosted or attended, the Jumpstart Business Booster 2018 Tour Stop is boosting childcare business owners to their next level. There was so much excitement, breakthroughs, understanding, notes, sharing and increase that happened until one of our attendees got up and ran around the room. That to me showed that it was liberating, it was freedom, and it was filled with inspiration and motivation that will cause you to succeed. My phone is still ringing off the hooks from clients telling me how awesome the tour stop was and what it’s doing in their life.

If you have not gotten your tickets to meet me in our last two locations for the year, I want for you to go now to www.iownadaycare.com/events and let me encourage and motivate you to live your dream childcare life and to experience breakthrough, after breakthrough, after breakthrough, and confirmation, after confirmation, after confirmation of where you’re going and what you’re going to achieve now in your childcare business.