How Networking Can Boost Your Income

Andrea Dickerson, Founder of IOwnADaycare.com and America's Super Nanny-Deborah Tilman

Andrea Dickerson, Founder of IOwnADaycare.com and America’s Super Nanny-Deborah Tillman

Did you know that you are no greater than your network?

Your network is the people that you glean from. These are the people that you gather information and connections from. A great network of people will introduce you to others and vice versa.

I want you to get a mental picture of the first 5 people of influence in your life. Can you identify someone in your circle that is more successful in the Early Care Industry?

If not, you must ask yourself, what information can I learn from my network to increase my net worth?

Successful people know and acknowledge that there are other people who have pieces to their puzzle of success and, more than likely, you will gather several missing pieces from the people who are in your network.

When I first began my childcare business, I was much like your competitors are. I did not mingle with other providers or business owners. I basically stuck to myself and did not reach out to get help from other childcare business owners.

And I learned quickly that I needed a trusted, like-minded professional to glean from and network with. As Childcare Professionals, it isn’t wise to work within this industry all alone with no other person who truly understands the challenges you will face.

When I got ready to expand into my second childcare location, I realized that I needed to change my thinking and enlist someone who could help me. I gathered information from others that activated a major increase in my life. After making major connections in the childcare industry, I was able to ask Next Level questions and get the right answers. My network of childcare owners and operators were already operating and working in the area that I needed help with the most.

So as a result of having monthly and daily access to them, I would get answers to my questions that caused me to make huge leaps in my business. I was able to learn in 2 years some of the lessons that took 20 years for them to learn.

Having a mentor or a network of “Get It” people is life challenging and necessary for a major increase. As a matter of fact, sometimes, I had to pay to get in the presence of great people or to have them in my network. But it’s worth the investment!

My business literally earned an extra $10,000 when I got into the right network of people!

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