How To Add Energy In Your Business When Staff Are Resigning At Higher Rates Than Normal

Hey you guys! This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here with IOwnADaycare.com, and welcome to today’s blog post.

In today’s blog post, I want to give you a few of my secrets that I used when I realized that I was in a place in my business where my staff were resigning faster than normal and in larger quantities of resignations.


The Impact

When this began to happen to me, I ultimately began to feel like, what is going on in my business? The impact of the resignations as they began to come in larger quantities, began to impact my hope and plan. The reason why it began to impact my hope is because I knew that I had a limited amount of time to get my team back up and going. I knew that my plan for my day-to-day operations, and my time at home and in the office were now being impacted. This caused me to go into prayer because this opposition was bigger than me at that time.

While in prayer, I heard the words clearly. Strengthen those who remain. Then, I had to go back to the drawing board and take my mind and focus off who was leaving and put my mind on who remained. I had to use my marketing strategy to go through those who remained and ask them to tell their friends that we were hiring.

I literally had to go the grass root marketing strategy to keep applicants applying for jobs. I also had to shift my mindset to how blessed and fortunate I was to have been given the notices. Whereas some childcare teachers will quit without notices. I realized how blessed and fortunate I was that I could move forward.

What I Did Next

I began to meet with my parents and explain to them that we were looking for new teachers to help fill slots. We also asked parents to be a referral service for us for good teachers. I vamped up my new hiring marketing material. I went and got large visual posters that were 18 by 30 instead of the average, small paper size posters. I also vamped up my post card marketing by sending them out to parents that were on my mailing list. I vamped up my email marketing by sending out emails to my email list letting people know we were hiring.

I continued my search at the local Department of Labor, Indeed.com, and I linked up with unemployment agencies such as Goodwill, Family and Children Services, Housing Authority, the college, training centers, and adult education learning centers. By doing this, I reached a larger amount of people who were looking for employment. Granted the places that I reached out to were not filled with teachers, but they were filled with individuals looking to work. That moved me into setting up my own online system so that I could train individuals to have some working knowledge of childcare to keep my business moving forward. Find Out About Our Business Academy! 

I’m so excited I began to think differently about the season my business was in. Although some of us are dealing with resignation of staff, the pandemic and more, my strategies that I used are still relevant and valid for you to use today.

Strengthen Those Who Remain

Move forward with the team you have, strengthen them, and make sure they have a healthy state of mind and that they are in faith with you in what you are doing to keep your business moving forward. Next, go on a marketing bliss to attract more people. One thing I know for sure is that not everyone is looking to stay home and do nothing. Some people are looking to make a difference and looking to work because their responsibilities are greater than any amount of unemployment.

Now, let’s change our viewpoint, our confidence level, our minds back focused on our business, and find a greater, more qualified individual whose interest is not just unemployment but their future.

This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here with IOwnADaycare.com, and inside of our JumpStart Academy program we have strategies to help you succeed. If you are looking for an enrollment strategy, staffing strategy, or a marketing strategy be sure to contact my office by clicking here.