How to Enjoy Your Holiday Break

Hey there Childcare Boss!

Welcome to today’s blog!

If you have been using your holidays as a way for you to catch up on your office work; I want to speak to you today in a candid conversation style and encourage you on how to get your business organized so that you can really enjoy your holiday.

From experience, I know that Childcare business owners utilize their holidays as time to catch up on office work. It’s so easy to prepare your meal, eat, socialize and then think of something to get done in your childcare, then out the door you go or either you do that  the day after your holiday when you should be resting!

I believe that if you really want to have balance in your life, with your family and in your childcare business, you will have to define some clear expectations and productivity standards to ensure that you accomplish more in your childcare business and leaving your Saturdays and holidays as a time to rejuvenate and spend time with your family and balance your life.

I believe that if you follow these 4 steps that I ‘m sharing with you today, they will help you to rejuvenate yourself and stick to a schedule and  to ensure that you have a great and enjoyable holiday.

In order for you to have a happy holiday and accomplish your office tasks try the following:

#1 One Week Prior To Your Holiday, Write A True Assessment: I  want  you to go into your office and stay in there for 60 full minutes look around at things that need to be completed in your office space. I want to remind you that you must stay in your office space. Next make an written assessment of what really needs to be organized, stored away, removed, filed, or even thrown away.

#2 Time Block Your Day: Select a day,  24-48 hours before your holiday as a day to focus on completing your office at the first part of the day. If your holiday falls on a Tuesday and you know that Monday is a day to complete your task, then I want for you to start in your office at 6am so that you can be completed at 9am.

  1. Remove all boxes, bins, unused items and dust EVERYTHING. Next, organize. Look in your filing space to determine what needs to be stored, packed and/or shredded. Look into your pen drawer and decide what you want t o keep, throw away or store for a later use. To be honest, so many of us childcare business owners have more things in our desk then we use on a daily basis. Go through and organize your pen and pencil holder and all those stacks of paper that is inside your desk, so that you will know what it is.

  1. Even if you do not finish your office completely, create your list of what you will do when you return back to your office. I believe that if you were to do a brain dump of everything that  needs to be completed it would save you time and mental power from thinking about it while on your holiday break.

  1. Before you walk out of your office, make sure that your desk is clean and organized for the next day. I highly recommend that you use our all new productivity set as a way to put measurements in place to prepare you for when you open your business again. You productivity set includes you calendar. Mark your calendar for what your intentions will be for the next week of your business  after the holiday. Grab your productivity pad and check off the task that you will complete by the time you will have them created for greater success.   

Use your note section to do a complete brain dump so that you are no longer thinking about what you need to do and keeping your mind crowded.

I want to encourage you to check out our productivity set so that you can have balance in your life and in your business. Don’t use your holiday as an office day. Prepare yourself in advance so that you can have a great and Happy Thanksgiving!