How To Think On Paper
3 Ways To Gather Solutions To Grow Your Childcare Business

Are you struggling with accomplishing what you want to accomplish in your business? Do you feel like you’re just existing and not really moving forward in your childcare business, goals and your dreams? Do you have a lot of thoughts and ideas that go through your mind, and you just feel overwhelmed, because you don’t have the time to accomplish them all?

Time Alone Writing My Goals Early Morning

If so, I want to talk to you in today’s blog post about the process that I’ve included in the Jumpstart Business Booster. Inside your Jumpstart Business Booster I’ve included a way for you to daily gain clarity and daily gain purpose about what you want to accomplish in your business by going through the Jumpstart Business Booster mindset section.

How To Think On Paper

How to think on paper is a major game changer but it is not as common of a practice among childcare business owners as it should be. It’s definitely on of the habits I wish I had incorporated within my routine when I first started my childcare. I am very sure that I could have avoided several traps, re-do’s, wrong decisions and wasting my time and efforts. Thinking things through in writing is the key growing your childcare business from a divine place of authenticity.

Introducing The Mindset Section Of The Jumpstart Daily Business Booster

I created the mindset section so that you will be inspired to write out your ideas, to let it out and let it go, because nagging thoughts are only there to weigh you down. When you feel as if there’s nothing you can do to change your life, nothing you can do to change your situation, and you feel as if there’s no way out, it begins to weigh you down. One thing I learned to do was to get them out of my head and to have a brain-dump.

Step #1 Have A Brain Dump

Did you know that, according to how you deal with stress and according to how you manage your thoughts, it will affect your total, complete health? Let me be completely honest with you. One way that I deal with stress is I knick-knack. I just eat for no reason, not hungry, just eating, and over the years of owning and operating a childcare business, I gained over 40 pounds in less than two years, and the weight didn’t stop. The weight kept coming and coming and coming.

In my personal opinion, the main reason for my poor behavior management came to the light when I realized that; once I got bogged down in my mind or once I was dealing with nagging thoughts and nagging concerns, it caused me to either eat away at my fingernails or eat away at food, because I had so much nervousness going on in me and so many thoughts going on in me, because I wasn’t letting them out.

See, your mind is powerful, and you need a place that you can let things out so that you can release your mind to bring forth solutions and answers. When you do, you’ll move into having a more positive day. You’ll move into having more positive daily affirmations, and you’ll have something to speak over your business, saying positive thoughts about your business to attract more into your business and life.

Idea Sheets Instruction Page

This is the key. The key is for you to have an area to dump everything that’s on your mind, to release, and to write so that you’re not carrying those nagging thoughts along in your day, because you’re having somewhere to lay them out, to get them out of you, and to really see what they are.

Normally, when I go through this process, I end up recognizing that I was being nagged about things that really didn’t matter, that really wouldn’t change my business, or my financial bottom line. I was just in a season of worry. This type of worry clouds my mind and now I can’t think of my answers or solutions because I am filled with all the wrong thoughts in my mind.

#2 Create A Morning Routine For Thinking On Paper

Furthermore, If you worry a lot or if you have a lot that you want to do, and you don’t feel as if you can accomplish it, then I admonish you to develop a morning routine to thinking on paper and to tap into the Jumpstart Business Booster. And when you get your daily business booster I admonish you to go through your Let It Out Sheet pages, because it helps you to clear your mind of so many things that are overwhelming you so that you can clearly see what it is that you really need to focus on ( The answers and solutions) to take your life and your childcare business to the next level.

I believe that this is one of the best tools that I’ve ever created to just let things out, and when I go through this let it out process, it feels so relieving. As a matter of fact, by me going through this process, I let out my thoughts and my frustrations to the point that some days it’s not even an important thought or frustration. If I go through my let it out part of my Jumpstart Business Booster, it’s like it never was there, and that’s what you need.

Andrea Spending Time Thinking

#3 Don’t Journal Your Frustration, Just Let Them Out In A Section, Then Move Forward To Journal Your Solutions.

You need that opportunity to write out what’s bugging you, what’s on your mind, and what’s frustrating you. You need that opportunity to give yourself a brain-dump, and when you do, it helps you go through all of the thoughts that you’ve had and get rid of what really doesn’t matter.
That’s what’s holding you back. Without thinking on paper it causes you to miss details that leads to clarity of solutions. What’s holding you back are thoughts, ideas, things that really don’t matter and skipping the writing process.

More About The Jumpstart Daily Business Booster

Here Are The Results Of Thinking On Paper:

You become a faithful writer. Writing is a great counselor and guide. This is why many folks create mind maps.
You’re more connected with your true inner thoughts. So many thoughts go in and out of your mind daily some that can cause success and others that causes fear and doubt.

For example, one morning I was writing my goals. As I was writing I wrote a goal of 3 tickets to be sold to my event, then another thought came to me as I wrote that number down, the thought said, DREAM BIGGER you want 10 new tickets sold. I immediately erased the 3 and wrote 10. However listen to what made me write 3, My thoughts said, 3 is enough for today. WOW! Can you see that? So what’s the reason for me writing 3? Based on my past not my future. My question was: How many clients will purchase tickets today? My first thought was 3 but my true thoughts told me to dream bigger and say 10. See! Writing your solutions is the key. Now I am thinking on paper. On my paper I wrote my goal, 10 New Clients Purchasing 10 New Tickets! Find out about my event by clicking here

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You will desire a morning routine to write your success. Thinking on paper is a success key to helping you unlock your childcare success. Thinking on paper will encourage you to become more effective when you use the LET IT OUT process. I want to admonish you to go to www.TheJumpStartBusinessBooster.com and get your kit today.

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