How To Grow Top Leaders In Your Childcare

I’ve got a question for you. Are you looking for ways to build leaders in your childcare business?


These leaders are those who you want to impact in a positive way to help you grow a successful childcare business. If you are looking for these type leaders, then I want for you to listen up because in today’s blog post, you are going to discover the importance of helping leaders grow.

This might sound controversial, but the goal of every good leader isn’t to build a vision that endures, but rather a vision that inspires people to move into action and to get something done.

One of the very first questions I ask new on-boarding team members is what they think about our company brand when it comes to our program set up, and their response has always been, “It’s not just a daycare; it’s a school.” I ask that question because it’s so important for me to know that my vision has inspired someone to see beyond a daycare and to really see the heart of what we’re doing.

Andrea Meeting With Staff

The vision should only endure as long as it takes to translate it into reality.

All visions must become a reality. With that being said, good visions lay out aspirations that really can’t be accomplished in one or two years, sometimes even longer. They also can’t be accomplished by just working hard or doing more of the same things. They will require a new way of thinking, creativity, and joint effort. Working towards that accomplishment pushes the organization into a new territory.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to talk to you about what will not only push your business into a new territory, but it will also encourage you to be the best leader you can be to encourage your staff to follow the vision.

Visions also need to be simple and tap into people’s emotions, so that everyone is excited about working towards the vision in a meaningful way. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you a few examples that you can use right away to help you encourage the people inside of your childcare business to help you accomplish your vision.

You’re also going to learn in today’s blog post the power of emphasizing that your are unifying people to your vision and not just a pure view for your own good as the CEO.

Leaders at every level need to create visions for their teams that are in line with the bigger vision but that gives their own people a meaningful target. For example, a head teacher should inspire her lead teacher to follow the vision of their assignments to make sure that the children are receiving the proper education that your program stands for. Let’s look deeply at my process.

Number one, to be able to grow top leaders in your childcare business, you must lead yourself.

Leading yourself is the key to leading others. When you discover your gifts, your talents, your weaknesses and your strengths, it will empower you to delegate more of the tasks to your team by making sure that they have systems in place. This leads me to number two.

Number two, building a unifying vision.

As stated earlier, your vision should encourage others to want to connect with what you’re offering the children and the parents in the community, so that they can see your heart that is bigger than you. It takes a team in order to accomplish it. Your systems will let people know that your business is bigger than you. Your systems will no longer reside in your head or only within you, but they will lie in your books, in your binders, and in your program policies and procedures.

Number three, developing a strategy.

Your strategy for how you will build your team is key. Each year, you should develop a strategy that will include educational goals, team building goals, relationship building goals, and monetary goals. All of that will be included in your staff evaluation process and how you teach your staff, through your leadership, the value that they are worth to your company.

Number four, getting the right people on board, and not just the right people, but great people.

I always tell my clients that what you don’t practice, you will never perfect. If you don’t practice hiring people, learning people, knowing people, understanding how to recognize people, then you’ll never know when the great people are standing before you. Getting great people on board with you requires you to have a training system. Greatness recognizes greatness. If you’re going to bring on people to support your vision, then prepare your company to be great by having an online training system. I offer childcare business owners an online training system called the staff new hire program. You can click here and get on board with this program.

Number five, focus on results.

Every single week, as you build your leaders, be sure to meet with them and go over the results that they have participated in bringing forth in your business.

Finally, number six, innovation for the future.

Always build your vision and next step with people in mind. Allow the individuals that are on your childcare team to support you by adding their thoughts, ideas and strategies into your business. Remember, never focus in on the staff that you currently have that aren’t doing what they’re told to do. Always keep your future in front of you and keep focusing in on the staff that you need to train to continue to support you, to build a bigger and better childcare business.