Let’s talk about curriculum systems

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For today’s childcare management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about how to put training systems in place so if you’re interested to finding out how to make your business thrive and succeed by implementing systems, continue reading this blog.

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It was so fun and amazing to really be able to interact, answer questions, and create a virtual experience that’s very hands-on and to be there for all of you!

So I’d like to thank you so much for trusting my gift and allowing me to use my gift to give back to all of you in the area of systems. 

Alright, let’s move into our training for today!

I want to talk to you guys about how to create a flow in your systems that will help you thrive. The most important system that will perpetuate that growth for you so that you can thrive is your curriculum system.

Now, I know that many of you may not have a basic setup when it comes to curriculum because you may have a federal-funded program, a state-funded program, or your own private program operating within your building at the time. And I get it, it’s a lot, right?

But I want to encourage you to think about utilizing what we teach here at the School of Systems. We teach to utilize a semester system. It’s so easy and more engaging. As for me, I feel more in control of what I’m doing in my business when I utilize this system.

So let me tell you about it within the semester system we set it on a 12-week flow. This 12-week flow allows me 10 weeks of my students learning my goals and objectives. I set them in place based on our state learning standards. Now that means you also need to learn a little bit about your current purchase curriculum. Whether it’s a federal or state or private curriculum, you got to learn about it. 

So I took time to learn about them and break them down into semesters, so every 10 weeks, there are learning standards that my teachers create lesson plans around so that I have done everything I can in my power to ensure that the children meet certain milestones. And so this goes from infants all the way through our after-school program (so that’s for 12 years old here), and we create milestones based on our learning standards in our area which is our state-funded program.

And so when we do that, we teach for the first 10 ten weeks and then the last two weeks is where the difference is. The difference that we do in the last two weeks, is we allot the 11th week to assess the children whether they accomplished the writing test, reading test, etc. We use tools in order to track those. Some tools may be provided to you online and we also have a pen and paper system (which I will show you later) to assess the children to make sure that they are on top of what they should be on top in their classroom. For the 12th week, we spend a few days, training our teachers who are going over the next 10 weeks.

We have visuals, charts, curriculum, and supplements to the curriculum. Plus we have fun, there’s food for the team as we train our teachers every 11th going to the 12th week. So that when there’s a new hire, we’re assured that when the time comes they are prepped and ready for what will happen on the 12th week and beyond.

In our 12th week, this is also where we send home the assessment or report cards.

We send them home and invite parents to come in and become a part of our close-out to move them into the next 10 weeks by having a parent conference. All we have to do is pull our handy tool and what’s our handy tool? It’s our assessment folder.

It could also be online but we prefer using the assessment folder because it allows us to capture the children’s work throughout the 10 weeks that parents can look through. Also, we capture information and place it in our assessment folder so whenever there’s a new parent taking a tour, they can have a look and see what they can expect their child to be exposed to. When we have a new staff member, we utilize the assessment folder because there are some people who have to limit beliefs such as believing that a 1-year-old or 2-year-old can’t do certain things so with that being said, I discovered that if I use my assessment folder and its content within to teach the teachers so that they’ll know what can be done and I’m opening up their mind.

You can grab a copy of it from orientaltrading.com, and it’s broken down into subjects. Also, I want you to know that this is not just a tool that I hand out. I also have an SOP for how to utilize this tool, when to utilize it, and where to store it. Plus, I have an SOP for my curriculum specialist on when they should be checking this tool. 

So that is what I mean by having your program organized where each responsibility connects because the curriculum specialist can’t do her job until she’s able to verify that this has been done.

So these are the things that we do during the School of Systems so that you are all walking away with “AHA” moments. That you realize that everything is so organized, and it makes sense. So it empowers your team, and you as the CEO to stay connected with your team. And if you have a director who does these for you then that’s great! So you meet with your leadership team, and they meet with your teachers. So you can move your training to the 11th week for your leaders, and have your leaders meet the teachers during the 12th week.

That’s it for today! I hope I said something that will inspire and motivate you to set this training system in place so that your business can now thrive! It’s thriving with your parents, teachers, children, and with you as the CEO.

And Remember, If You Manage The Childcare Business That You Love, You Will Love The Childcare Business That You Manage!

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