Marketing Myths To Get Rid Of

Hey you guys! This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here with IOwnADaycare.com! Today, I want to talk to childcare business owners about marketing myths when it comes to marketing your childcare business.

I believe that several childcare business owners have myths that are holding them back in their marketing, and today, I want to talk about a couple of those myths.

Myth Number 1

Many childcare business owners believe that they should not be friends on social media with their clientele. Although I believe that having your own brand, personality, and separating your business from your personal page is important, I believe that your brand, personality, and values are just as attractive online as it is when parents walk into your childcare business.

I would like to debunk that myth today! I believe as a childcare business owner, you are your brand, whether you are on your personal or professional profile. As a matter of fact, I believe that Facebook has a way of creating a different type of algorithm or personal pages as they do for business pages.

I don’t know about you, but if you visit my IOwnADaycare Facebook page, you will see that my post has little to no engagement. If you go over to my personal brand, which is Andrea Dickerson, you can see where I have much more engagement on my posts. It can even be the same post! Because I don’t know much about algorithms and Facebook, I only have this belief. I believe that my Facebook personal page just has more engagement than my business page.

With that being said, why would I separate my brand of who I am, my belief systems, and what I do from my business brand when who I am is just the same? I believe that if you were to try to promote your business on your personal page by having it with a social-like post, then you will find that you will much more engagement and more awareness.

This is what social media is all about. It is about creating awareness. Let us debunk that myth ladies! Let’s open up to who we are, what we do, and our values of our friends as well as individuals that do business with us.

Myth Number 2

Several childcare business owners believe that they do not need to have a website. Yes, you do!! This is the 21st century. It is so important for you to have a website and for you to take your website to the next level. For instance, right now everything is based on funnels. If you are not creating funnels in your childcare business then I believe you are being left behind.

There is more to your hiring, marketing, and enrollment than just having a simple flyer for parents to come in and do business with you or to have parents fill out an application. You need a funnel! I have learned so much when it comes to creating a funnel. Funnels help me to create a consistent, reliable way to stay up with my clients or interested applicants to do business with me.

Without funnels, automation, and without you being current in the 21st century, having a website is not enough. You need a website PLUS you need a funnel so that automation will do the work for you while you are doing business that really matters.

Well, alright! Those are my two marketing myths that I want to debunk today! I want to encourage childcare business owners to go out right now and utilize social media as a free platform by combining your brand.

During our Super Saturday, we are going to talking about taking your marketing business to the next level! As a free gift, all attendees will get a calendar full of content to add to your social media page so that you don’t’ have to think about it and you can just post it and keep moving forward.

If you are ready to start attracting clients, whether you are using your personal or business page through social media, then click here to purchase your ticket to my Super Saturday event!

As I always say, if you manage the childcare business you love, then you will love the childcare business you manage.