My Saturday Success

Being purposeful about your dream life

Just like any woman does, I began to dream a bigger dream of my dream life and what I wanted to do in my reality so that I can live in my dreams. I remember one day sitting down and writing a list of restaurants that I wanted to visit and places I wanted to go for a mind-expanding experience. I wanted to have a moment in experiencing luxury and
success, and I also sat quietly and thought about a team of women that I’d like to surround myself with in my local hometown so that I can constantly be infused with laughter, fun, and good vibes. By me sitting down and writing out the vision, I began to see it happen for me in my life.

One of the movements that happened for me was breakfast at Sea Island Cloister. To make this a big to-do, let me explain to you how exclusive the Cloister is. Number one, in order for you to get onto this part of the island, you must have a particular income bracket, up to $150,000 yearly membership, and/or you must work over there or have an exclusive invite to come into this community. Well, being as though I had never been to Sea Island, never worked over there, didn’t have a particular membership, I just always wanted to and thought about going over there for meal and entertainment purposes.

This particular Saturday, I follow up with my go-get-it girl, Ms. Rhonda, and she inboxes me back and says, “Oh, yes, I would love to go over to the Cloister for breakfast. I can make reservations because I work over there,” and I was like, “Oh, my goodness, what an amazing opportunity!” Once we came together, made reservations to go, we arrived
over to the breakfast place. I want to talk you about my journey, and tell you how much I enjoyed having a Saturday of luxury and opulence.

Number one, schedule luxury and opulent moment. After speaking with my go-get-it girl, she made me aware she had reservations. The reservations that she created was early in the morning, so it was around eight thirty in the morning. That calls me to have to move early on my Saturday. I was willing to take the risk of not lounging around the house as
normal, but getting up and getting out the door. To make those reservations, I was up as early as 6 am doing my morning routine, and also excited and prepping myself for this amazing breakfast experience.

Secondly, I put on my best clothing attire that I wanted for this dream moment. I choose to allow my Saturdays to be dress up days for me, as well. Well, really, this Saturday I went ten times higher then I would on a normal Saturday. It was not a jean day or T-shirt day, but it was a moment for me to pull out my best outfit. My makeup was completed,
and my hair was done. Everything was on a level ten because I wanted for this Saturday to be one of luxury opulence, so I showed up looking like what I wanted to experience.


Thirdly, I made sure that my car was clean, everything was vacuumed, all paper was removed. I made sure that the exterior of the car was washed, and I made sure that my car was in good condition to allow others to travel with me in my car. It looked amazing. My car was very clean. Fourth, we arrived to the gate. I made sure that I had a nice
demeanor, very approachable and nice, and I received the moment. I was greeted by the gate keeper, provided my information, and was allowed access to ride over to the island.


I took my time, and I drove over to the this exclusive restaurant, just looking at the ambiance of the natural landscape, looking at the water, the sun that was shining in this piece of land that I’ve only wanted to visit. I never imagined in a million years that I would be traveling over in my luxurious car, with my amazing go-get-it girls, and laughing and taking in such a beautiful site. Once we arrived on the property, the floral arrangements were breathtaking and the signage was perfectly fit in the areas were you knew where to go. When I pulled up to this huge opulent mansion, oh, my gosh, it was amazing! The beautiful ride up was worth picturing the moment.

As we drove up, the server came and opened my door, and said, “Good morning. Will you be joining us for breakfast?” I’m thinking to myself, “Absolutely!” They opened up the door to my car and opened up the doors for me to walk through. I literally did not touch a single door. I walked through, went to the restaurant, and was greeted by the
general manager and the hostess. They were anticipating our arrival because of our reservation. We were seated in a beautiful sun room. The sun room had so many chandeliers, a beautiful fireplace, cloth linen. The waiter also had a helper come to the table with her. When she arrived to the table, the immediately brought out a purse stool.
The purse stool was so that I could place my purse on the stool, right beside me, while sitting to the table ordering my meal.

I look at the menu, and I ordered coffee, and I talked more with my friends. Then I start taking in the environment. It is absolutely gorgeous. While I’m taking in the environment, I look on the menu and asked for particular items that’s listed on the menu. After ordering my meal, I’m drinking my cup of coffee and having great fun and fellowship with my friends. The meal comes out, and it is absolutely placed perfectly. Although the plate looked like there wasn’t much, it was so fulfilling and so good.

Next, I took a walk through the library. I enjoyed the opulence of the library. Your library tells a lot about your wealth. If you notice in homes that are valued with a million plus, there’s always a library inside of the home. When you look at homes that are under a half a million, there are offices included but not libraries. You’ll know that you’re in a million
dollar home when you see libraries. This environment is set up for millionaires. I took a walk down the long hallway area and visited the stores. I saw how opulent the stores were and how everything was aligned for the buyer’s experience. Of course I had to take a moment and chill with my girlfriends and capture the moment of happiness and bliss that we were experiencing.

We went outside and we saw the chessboard.

The chessboard was centrally located in the courtyard, for those of us who enjoy quiet time outside and for thinking. With this board being centrally located, the pieces were life- sized, so you could take time and literally play the game.
After enjoying the gigantic chessboard, I began to take in the opulence of the mansion. It is absolutely gorgeous. Looking from the back of the mansion reminds me of my home. Looking at the pillars reminds me of my home, and I needed to take and capture every moment thereof. By capturing these moments, I felt in my zone. I felt worthy. I felt like this is the place I would be and things I would enjoy for the rest of my life. After chit-chatting on the back of the property, in the courtyard area, I took a few snaps of my girlfriends, showing them how to show their worth through images.

One thing I’ve learned is that pictures are worth a thousand dollars, so I wanted them to see their worth.
Next, we went into the sun room. While in the sun room, we listened to the parrot chirp and talk, and we took amazing photos to depict our next level.


The breakfast began to end, and my car was pulled up without me asking. They noticed me coming to the door far off, and went and fetched my car. During fetching my car, the servers came and opened up the doors. When they opened up the doors, we got in and began to proceed with our girl talk jargon. As we began to proceed with our girl talk, I
said, “Wait a minute! Did we tip the servers?” and she said, “Oh, we’re supposed to.” We backed up, and we each gave them a tip. Just for getting our car, we left a $20 tip. We felt like that was well deserved of the honor.


Your Saturdays may not be like mine, but they can be purposely planned for you to have the life experiences that you only wish. They are no longer a wish, but they are accessible and you can have them. Do me a favor, list below a few mind-expanding experiences that you want for yourself and let me know if you took action to pursuing them today.