New Hire Point System Hiring After You Have Seen Their Demonstration of Skills.

Hey, you guys! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, here with IOwnADaycare.com, and I’ve got a question for you. Are you finding out that you’re experiencing the process of turnover after you’ve hired the person you felt would have been  great for your childcare business? I guess you might be asking, “Well, coach, what do you mean by that?” Have you ever hired someone, they started working in the childcare classroom, and you asked yourself later on why did I hire this person?

I believe that just like you, many other childcare business owners have the misconception of the skill set of a person based on the resume and the things they say?

Remember, when going through the interview process, things can get a bit deceptive.

You may see on paper that there’s a person that has experience, education and qualifications to work in the classroom, but yet they have no real applicable or pertinent skills to help your business carry the load of working with several children at one time.

I know that I’ve been there, and I’m going to give you some clue today to help you recognize the people that deserve to be on your team, versus those that you may hire but need to train more before allowing them to work in the classroom alone.

Our boost for today deals with hiring after you have seen their demonstration of skills.

Have you ever worked for anyone besides your own childcare business?

Do you remember that there were several skill assessments that you had to render in order to qualify for particular jobs?

Well, I do. I remember those days greatly, where before I was placed on an assignment, all of my skill levels had to be proficient in certain areas in order for me to have the job.

That was determined by the demonstration of my performance during those tests.

In the childcare industry, we know that we’re not working on computers. We also know that we’re not selling clothes. You can’t test a person’s childcare level of skill and ability until you have placed them in that environment.

What does it mean to place them in that environment?

That is the order of which I want you to learn today on how to inspect first by the demonstration of their skills. Whenever you go through your new hire process and you’ve determined that this is an individual that you would like to have work alongside you and with your team, then your next step is to offer them an on-site interview where they literally go into the classroom and work underneath the lead and assistant teacher for no more than two to three hours.

During this time, you must either observe or have your director observe with a point system to determine whether or not this person will do what you need to have done in your business so that it can grow.

Let’s talk about this particular system.

Once a person agrees to go into your business and demonstrate their skill set, you look for three typical things.

Number one, are they health conscious?

Anyone that knows about health and safety of a childcare business will know that the first step to having an amazing classroom experience is to wash your hands. You watch that person to see if they think about washing their hands.

The second approach to review

To ensure that this person is ready to help you, is to observe the children and the staff interaction. If there’s a standard for bending down, looking at the child eye-level, then you definitely want to watch and see if this person will be able to follow the rules of getting on the child’s level and introducing themselves.

Number three, ask questions.

If you have a very tight ship that you manage and you want to ensure that you have the right people working alongside you, then you definitely want to observe to see whether or not they interact with the ladies that are currently in the classroom and that they’re asking questions.

The key to success is that this person demonstrate at least two of those three different criteria in order for you to clearly understand what you’re going to be up against if you were to hire this person and bring them on.

Those are some of my tips and strategies that I want to share with you to hire by demonstration first. I believe that my program will get you started into creating the right systems for your business. Go now to our staff new hire training program and get the 217 training systems that you will need to put in place to empower your staff to stick alongside you and to help you build it big and better in your childcare business.

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