Nightly Routines Must Haves For Childcare Success!

Hey, you guys this is your coach Andrea Dickerson and I have a question for you? Do you have a nightly routine in place to help you achieve more the next day?

Coach Andrea Dickerson Nightly Routine

If not, read this blog because it’s really going to help you and empower you to understand what it means to better your morning, your mindset and day by waking up prepared and ready for a successful childcare business day.

One of the habits that I endeavored to achieve in my walk as a multi-childcare owner and CEO is being able to complete a morning and nightly routine, I notice during the times when I don’t complete a nightly routine that I wake up squandered and soaking in yesterday‘s challenges.

Whenever you are ready to go to the next level… incorporate the habits of the successful. You will get there faster than just simply relying on your enrollment or the best staff. In other words, the success you’re looking for isn’t in anyone or anything else other than in you.

Here is what happened to me that has caused me to create this blog post.


Starting a Nightly Routine is Your Key to Having A Better Day.

I remember in my stage of rebuilding my childcare business, that I had a day that wasn’t the best. I had challenges in the area of family (Husband), Son (He Turned 13), Business (Back To School New Hire and Enrollment) Mindset ( Felt Like Things Were Spiraling Out Of Control)  and I worked through out the night until I fell asleep without doing my nightly routine (Which This Day I Needed IT Most)

Without doing my nightly routine, I woke up with the pressure and cares on my shoulders from the day before. Basically, I Woke Up, Worried, Angered and Concerned.

I had several disappointments that had happened that day before in business and in my personal life. Until when I woke up that morning I woke up frustrated and prayerful, asking God for an immediate change. As I went throughout my morning getting dress, constantly thinking about what I had experienced the day before.

My thoughts began to calm down and it came to me as I started to think about what I was allowing my morning to become, the thought came to me that the reason why I‘m so frustrated and so ungrateful at this point is because I’m not going to bed with hopes for my future.

My husband has always said “ Hope for your future will empower you in your present” , and now after experiencing frustration, I now realize what that means. Only because of my time of listening to my thoughts.


The thought came to me that, that is the power of writing your goals at night and writing what you want to accomplish because when you write what you want to accomplish at night you wake up in the morning looking forward to accomplishing something more than you did the day before.

The Power Of Creating Your Goals At Night

Step two.  Having quiet time at night to figure out solutions to incorporate the day before. I believe that had I taken the moment to be grateful And to consider solutions that may have been possible for me in my life that I would have had a more clear picture of what could have taken place, or happen for me.

I want to admonish and encourage you that taking a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes before you close your eyes for sleep for you to write goals or write about what you want to accomplish in your future is the key to you having more being happier and achieving unlimited possibilities in your life and in your childcare business. I have a tool I have created the “Jumpstart Daily Business Booster”.

This tool includes a daily routine, your daily routine is where you can easily write your morning thoughts and your evening thoughts as well as what you want to achieve the next day. How awesome is that? For me to have created a product that will not only help childcare business owners, but help anyone who want to be successful. I got a tool in place to keep hope for my future alive, to keep my mind focused on my business and growing my business and achieving all possibilities that’s standing in front of me.

If you are like me and you are in need of a tool to help you manage your projects, your time, your emotions, your expectations along with childcare organization, Staffing or curriculum task, then join me by purchasing your “Jumpstart Daily Booster” Today.