Preparing For The End of The Year

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The end of the year is fast approaching and the time to close out your childcare center business is here. Closing out your center year should begin in the month of  November.

Although throughout the year I always organize my files, reports and mailing list; proper storage and long term filing is a must for me during this time of the year.

I get excited during November because just the thought of closing out my business year encourages me to begin preparing for the new year which means NEW OPPORTUNITIES!

I remove the old files, forms, and reports and file them according to the year. I also use the end of my year to review incident reports, parent official complaint reports, testimonials, surveys and my financials to dictate my plans for the new year.

Not only do I use this time of the year to purge old files but I also create my new mailing list for my marketing. I accomplish this by using my assistants or hiring a temporary data entry clerk to help me add hundreds of new names, emails, addresses and phone numbers into  my customer management system.

To help me end strong financially, I take a full day off and review my bank records, and billing reports to be sure my accountant has all of my deductions and expenses for the year. This is a great time because I host an official meeting to include my minutes for my corporation status.

Closing out the business year is the responsibility of the owner of the childcare center and facility. Start early to end your year strong. For more help with creating a strong organized childcare center be sure to check out the childcare success kit@