Prevailing in Childcare for 2012

Prevailing in your childcare facility in year 2012 is on the rise!

Most directors and childcare business owners that I know are setting the stage for INCREASE in 2012. That’s right! What you do for your childcare business in December determines your success in January 2012. I know all to well about getting prepared for increase.

My increase will come in 2012 because I am completing some of the “success secrets” of  larger childcare businesses and implementing the “SUCCESS MODEL” in my own facility.

Here are my tips for Daycare Success that I have learned so far on my journey.

As the Director, Administrator or Business Owner-Spice up your VISION! Imagine your childcare  business at full capacity and on a higher level!

Ask yourself  these questions:

  1. How would your childcare business look on the next level?
  2. What would you change about your personnel policies and procedures to accommodate your next level?
  3. Do your childcare business need more qualified teachers? If so, what are your expectations for them?
  4. What about your management style? Would you need to access and change anything?
  5. Have you prepared your childcare business to operate in excellence in your absence? Meaning, You don’t have to work in your facility for it to operate?
  6. Do you have childcare operation systems in place to govern your company? If so what about it you need to change?

These are just a few questions for you to answer to help move you forward in your childcare SUCCESS 2012 Mission!

Remember: The Price for Success is:Dedication, Hard Work,  and an unremitting devotion to things you what to see happen!

Happy New Vision!

Andrea Dickerson

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