Reload And Reset Your Staff

This is Coach Andrea, and welcome to today’s Work It Wednesday JumpStart Boost. This JumpStart Boost is intended to inspire and motivate childcare business owners who are looking for ways to hire, train, and retain qualified individuals in such a climate as this.

There are so many opinions going on around us in reference to employees. Some people think that due to unemployment benefits, most of the good childcare workers are staying home to collect unemployment. Some are saying that there are not enough children to keep good employees. Then you have some that are saying employees are not applying themselves.

As I was going through the client profile of my clients, I realized that there is something we need to do in order to move beyond the norm, get the negativity out of our head pertaining to our staff, and to really look for ways to attract, train, and retain staff.

Recently, I have been doing research and improving my new hire processes through understanding that if I were to endeavor to use Indeed, I must understand that Indeed is an investment and that all investments require systematic processes and systems in order to have a desired result or return.



Number 1: Have A Systematic Way For Searching For New Hires

One area to pay attention to is your process on Indeed. Ask yourself if you have an ad on Indeed that looks like everyone else’s ad or am if you attracting a person that you truly want on your team.

Number 2: Do I Have A Back Office System?

Your back office system should flow through automation where individuals can flow through automated new hire protocol, hear from you, and be given a task to complete so that they are connected to your brand, mission, and vision before they even start. This information must be automated and presented to them in a systematic flow.

Number 3: Do You Have A New Hire Strategy In Place?

I realized that many childcare owners miss understand the climate we are in. There are marketing messages everywhere we turn. Everywhere we look, someone is marketing something to help you to help them. If you believe that the market of hiring people is the same, you are wrong.


We are in the market of marketing to people who can assist you in childcare. If you do not have a marketing message for teachers, more than likely, you will not attract the model of a teacher. If you don’t understand the marketing must-haves to your job announcement and job description, then there are possible ways for you to overlook or be overlooked in this market. That is because you feel as if you are hiring when you are truly marketing for the best candidate.

Think About That…..

Think about how you are marketing for the best candidate this week. This leads me into bringing you into awareness of our new offer. You may have never thought about marketing in the hiring process, but if you reflect on my thoughts today, and the possibility that this could be the difference from where you are versus having a pool of individuals to choose from, then consider getting a ticket to our Reload and Reset 2020 Conference.

It is definitely time for us to reset our job ads, reset our job descriptions, reset our new hire process, and reload new content and new strategies to bring on people in an automatic form into our business.

We have had plenty of time to get these things in place, but you were not thinking about it because it’s not apart of your everyday thought process. Now that I have made you aware of it, get your ticket so that I can give you more of my behind the scenes of how this can happen in your life and business.

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